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September 02, 2020
On an impulse I decided it was about time for me to write another blog, but what should I write about? Well I decided to upload a random photo and then write a blog about it. It turned out to my amusement that the photo was one of me. BTW the painting in the background was painted by my mother Mary Alexander Linton McIlree, an artist and free spirit, whom I met for the first time when she was 100 years old. She lived until she was almost 104 years old and I spent the last year of her life l
When I first got Alexa I used her to create my shopping lists and to remind me about up and coming webinars and events/appointments. Sometimes I would use her as an alarm or just ask her abbout the weather, the latest news etc. I also found it helpful to tell her to remind me when to post on different social media platforms, write a blog, create a video, even read a book.I had a lightbulb moment the other day when I realised that I was not taking advantage of the many other ways I could use h
May 18, 2020
As I was lying in be this morning ((I am not an early riser) I heard a woman's voice coming from my living room. I didn't hear what she said the first time but I pricked up my ears and when she repeated the message I heard it loud and clear.Who was this woman and why should she care whether I write a blog first thing on Monday morning? Well if you haven't guessed already it was Alexa and she repeats that message at 10 am every Mpnday morning. At noon she tells me to post on Instagram and at
February 12, 2020
Many moons ago I used to own a restaurant and Valentine's night was always booked out weeks in advance. We used to have one particular table that the "in love" couples used to like better than all the others. One Valentines night - when of course the restaurant was packed - a young couple arrived and sat down at that table. It became obvious after a little while that the young man had already been celebrating beforehand. Anyway they ordered their meal and a bottle of red wine and and he ma
December 17, 2019
Maybe your first reaction to that question is shock. Shock that I would even dare to think that YOU could ever be described as a spammer. Maybe you are a reformed spammer (as many of us are) or perhaps you are one of those rare marketers who have never even been tempted to do a little bit of spamming on the side.We are all taught here at WA that spamming is definitely a big No No and we know almost instinctively that it is not the thing to do. Why then do we find it so tempting?Its because -
November 09, 2019
Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned marketer, the chances are that Calll To Actions especially click here links are the life blood of your online business. So you can be forgiven for becoming irritated at the careless way many marketers and would be marketers treat them.People who are kind and considerate and even helpful offline often treat other people's links as if they were the plague while being desperate for everyone to click their links.Have you ever considered the origin of a link
Once you have succeeded in something it becomes so much easier to succeed again and again. The problem is that when we are chasing success it sometimes seems as if we are never going to reach it. So I think I have found a ladder to success that everyone can reach.Part of it is modelling someone who has already succeeded in your niche - Tony Robbins has been promoting that idea for so long simply because he has proven to himself and many others that it works.My idea is to study success on a da
Is there really an easy button? Well I think the answer to that one is Yes and No. When I first became interested in online marketing so many people were looking for the easy button. Most of the online marketers were telling them that it didn't exist and that we would just have to learn new skills, work hard, be consistent and hustle on a daily basis. Now there was a lot of truth in that but things have changed quite a lot since then.New software and apps are making life a lot easier for on
October 12, 2019
It's not very ofteh that a really great online marketing opportunity comes my way but yesterday one did. There's a lot of hype out there so it's easy to get excited about special offers etc and I have fallen for those more times than I care to remember. Sometimes a real one appears and if you have been caught out before like I was it can make you very wary.I admit that I am a very impulsive type of person and this leads me down many false paths.So how do you know when something is an opportun
September 24, 2019
Are you smiling as you turn on your computer or smart phone? Excited to learn something new every single day? Today I found a message from Nurse Becca to tell me that Jay's webinar on Quora is up and running. I had asked about it a long time ago and she had remembered and sent me an email. Now that is something to smile about. What could you do today to make someone smile and what could you do to make yourself smile?If your online business is making you frown then maybe you should take a