First Commission! $16.80! I'm a Believer!

Last Update: October 12, 2014

I've been building my website,, since I joined WA in March. 7 Months later, I checked my Amazon account to see that I made 8 sales yesterday! WHAT?

I have to admit, with each monthly membership payment to WA, I was getting more and more skeptical that I could ever make money on the internet. But even though my $16.80 commission doesn't even begin to cover my membership debt, I now believe that someday soon, I'll be in the green!

Now, I've read many other success posts just like this, and they always made me wonder, "Okay, but how long and hard did they have to work before making that first sale?"

So for all of you wondering the same thing, here's a little info about my journey so far at WA.

  • I've been on WA for 7 months
  • I am currently on Course 4, Lesson 1 of the training
  • I have worked on the same single website for the length of my training
  • My site has 7 content pages and a blogroll with about 15 posts
  • All of my first 8 sales came from a review for one $34 product - which is one of the cheapest products listed on my site
  • I made all of the sales through Amazon, and no sales yet through Zazzle, Fancy,, or ShareASale
  • For my first two months, I spent 10-20 hours per week working on WA
  • For the next three months, I spent almost no time on WA
  • For the last two months, I have spent maybe 5 hours a week working on WA
  • I have also been paying a cheap freelance writer to write some of my content when I'm too busy to work on it (This is sort of embarrassing to admit, but I'm giving you full honesty, here)
  • I haven't touched or thought about touching Affiliate Bootcamp
  • I've been averaging about 10 visitors to the site per day. On my best day, I had 59 visitors. So far, only 676 visitors, total.

That's about it. Let me know if you have any questions. I was starting to think this day would never come, at least not this soon, but it happened to me! And I'm feeling great.

Many thanks to all of the great WA members who have helped me along the way. I couldn't have gotten this far, this fast, without your help.

Thanks for reading!


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Walthera3 Premium
Holly I am glad to hear this. It can be hard to stay motivated. You are an example of perseverance. Let's hope this is a turn around point. Thanks for posting this as it keeps me focused
13wealth Premium
Good job Holly! I like your motivation.
Kyle Premium
Whoa, nice progress Holly and congrats on your first commission. This is how success looks most of the time, the time you invest now pays off later and you now have the foundation and framework for your business in place and it is in a perfect position to scale.

This is the first sale of many, but the first one always makes it so real! Congrats on your success thus far and I look forward to hearing about upcoming success stories.
KLewis Premium
Great work Holly,Nice breakdown.Very happy for you.Ken
karfree Premium
That's awesome! I, too, am excited to see I have 9 click throughs from my site to Amazon. Although it's no money, it's good to know my efforts are not in vain!