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I've been building my website,, since I joined WA in March. 7 Months later, I checked my Amazon account to see that I made 8 sales yesterday! WHAT? I have to admit, with each monthly membership payment to WA, I was getting more and more skeptical that I could ever make money on the internet. But even though my $16.80 commission doesn't even begin to cover my membership debt, I now believe that someday soon, I'll be in the green! Now, I've read many other success posts just like
Hi! I just set up my affiliate links today on my art website I've been clicking on my own links to see if Amazon Associates or Zazzle Affiliates would track my clicks, but no luck so far (maybe it excludes my IP Address). Would you click around a bit so I can test? I'm happy to return the favor! There are two articles with links activated: Thanks all,
Hi everyone, It's been close to a month since I've done anything WA-related, but I wanted to write a blog post anyway in the hopes that some encouraging words from others might get me back on the wagon. I started a new job last month, which is my first excuse. When I joined WA, I was mostly unemployed and had a much larger chunk of time every day to devote to building and posting on my website, ArtCompletes.Us. I'm on Course 2, Lesson 10, and just haven't found the time since starting my new po
This is not directed at or inspired by any one member in particular, but I have been running into a problem with some of the more "helpful" members here on WA and I felt the need to whine a little. The community here is great, with a strong emphasis on helping others, offering support and advice and giving everyone a voice. I love that (I'm using it right now)! But I also hate it sometimes. Why? Because some of the people who are so eager to give me advice (I'm a fairly new member, and have onl
March 25, 2014
Only a few weeks in at WA and a quick Google search of my website name (Art Completes Us) puts my site in the very first link of results! A search for one of my keywords, "how to choose art for your living room" and I'm on page 3. Not too shabby! I'm far from the first page of results in every category, but I'm already seeing a few bits of traffic each day that came from Google, so I must be doing something right. One thing that I did notice is that even though I recently set up Google Authorsh
March 21, 2014
Hey all! In my non-WA life, I'm a big LinkedIn person. Especially because I've been job-hunting for about 3 months now, I am always seeking new connections and people that I can endorse for their skills. I would really like to add "Affiliate Marketing" or "Internet Marketing" to my LinkedIn skill list. Have any of you done this? If so, we should connect, and endorse one another! Leave a link to your profile below, or send it to me in a PM, and I'll add you! I would love to get to know some of y
Hi everyone! I'm starting to get a good rhythm going on my first WA website, ArtCompletes.Us. It is still obviously a work in progress (I'm only on Course 2, Lesson 6), but I would love any feedback that you care to give! I've been trying for a few days now to find some other affiliate marketers that are working in the fine art or home decor niche. If any of you are out there, I would love to get a small community going and see what some of you have been working on/exchange tips and ideas. O