Last Update: May 24, 2018

Part 1


Just another word to describe this place, seriously I might be starting to run out of superlatives to describe WA!

I deliberately picked supercalifragilisticexpialidocious as I believe keywords and phrases are quite a big deal round these parts. My mildly autistic mind is instantly drawn to weird things like car number plates, telephone numbers,newspaper headlines and the like!

The newspaper headline that I remember more than any other, is from 20 or so years ago and it was actually on the back page of a Scottish daily paper on their sports section.

(Bear with me here, non-sports fans, trust me it’s worth reading on!)

The previous evening had seen a Scottish cup match between a third division lowly ranked club called Inverness Caledonian thistle (nickname Caley) and the unstoppable juggernaut of a team who were probably top of the first division, a proper David v Goliath contest as you can imagine.

Surely enough Inverness (CALEY) won the game 3.1 I think it was against Celtic and the genius sports reporter produced the next day headline:


I mean, for me, a headline just doesn’t get any better than that and for me to remember it so clearly after all this time, it certainly hits home the importance of words and phrases that are going to leave there mark.

Part 2

I can’t do a blog now without a mention of my goals and achievements thus far, I’ll do them by numbers if that’s ok with you guys?!

INFINITY the amount of enthusiasm I’m hoping to retain during my time here

257 Beautiful people following me and helping to build my network

16 Likes on my last blog, I am so happy about that and I appreciate every single one

1 Hour study on training per day, I hope this will increase as I get to grips more with my website

0.001 percent of distance covered in my journey so far, in other words, I plan to stick around for a looong time and achieve as much as I can

Thankyou for taking the time to read, best wishes


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phakacha8 Premium
Thanks for sharing.
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Heyday Premium
I working on it, but I’m incredibly shy (not to mention I’m wanted in 37 states across 5 countries...only joking)
JosonInc Premium
Went to Glasgow to watch football, Scottish style years ago. I enjoyed the two sides (fans) throwing a few things at each other during and after the game. Now that was a game! Thanks for your enthusiasm!

Heyday Premium
Religion plays a massive part between the 2 big Glasgow clubs and unfortunately the mindless minority can get a little too excited at times
dottiej3411 Premium
Hi Heyday. Your blogs are fun to read. I am sure you will succeed; you have a great personality (at least on paper). For success here at WA, it is what's on the paper that counts.

Blessings to you,
Heyday Premium
Thank you Dottie for your kind words. I’ll be honest and say that through text I feel like I can be more like the real me
MSnargrass Premium
Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm!
Heyday Premium
Thanks Marcus, it’s my pleasure to share and spread a little enthusiasm
Steven-A Premium
good work, keep going
Heyday Premium
Thankyou Steven, as long as I’ve got a portable charger I’ll keep on going!