SMASHED IT!.YES!. do I deserve it?. NO

Last Update: June 18, 2018


1. HEADLINE FEATURE........ Smashed it, yes! Do I deserve it, No

2. REGULAR FEATURE..........Goals by numbers

3. REGULAR FEATURE...........Favourite news story of the day

1. Smashed it, YES, do I deserve it, NO

Please bear with me here, WA friends, i logged in this morning, and to my complete disbelief, had a pop up box on my phone screen saying that I am now a Top 200 member.

I joined as a free member 1 month ago and went premium on 21st May 2018.

Some of you may know that I’ve had website issues, due to the fact that I’m doing all my online activities on my iPhone. This has hindered my training progress, but hasn’t stopped me from having a blast with you guys who are incredibly WArmhearted, on my WAvelength and of course we’re all WAnnabee online entrepreneurs!

My enthusiasm and involvement within this oasis in the vastness of the cyber desert or galaxy was never going to be an issue for me, however I now find myself in a position of needing to step back temporarily, whilst I absorb the enormity of the past month and time myself out to resolve my hardware issues.

I set a goal to reach the top 300 before my cut off date of the 21st June, so I’m ecstatic nonetheless to have smashed my personal goal, and the cool and calming picture of my fogbow sits proudly next to 194 in the top 200 rankings....

.....Here comes the but, (and it’s a big but!!)...

.... do I really deserve it?

I personally think no, the 194 number ranking does NOT represent the diligent training that so many new members have tirelessly applied in order to get their websites up and running.

And I haven’t been able to assist other new members, in the ways that so many of the experienced members do.

As much as I try to give positive and detailed feedback in my comments, there are many others who do it so much better than me.

I’ve found a four word phrase to sum up my first month with WA:

‘’WAnnabee Wealthy Affiliate in-WAiting”

.... and as for the ranking, I would like to thank all the members here for your part in helping me, and in particular I’d like to share it with each and every member that I’ve had the pleasure to connect or chat with.

2. Goals by numbers

300.... still can’t believe that I’ve managed to break into the top 300.....GOAL ACCOMPLISHED

11.....(out of 10) the mark I would award to WA as a learning platform, this is also the mark I wish to aspire to, when writing content and giving feedback. Why 11? 10 out of 10 is the best we can aim for, however the additional mark represents the extra mile that I want to go to, in order to realise my ambitions

6......months remains my target to return and refocus my training intentions the single footstep or click that we require to kickstart start our WA journey and this will be my initial goal each and every day

3. Favourite news story of the day

So this story didn’t make the headlines or the local papers, however it involves yours truly, so I nominate it as my favourite news story of the day!

Last week I was driving towards the shops, I noticed a mini bus ahead of the car in front of me, which for no apparent reason, veered off the road and crashed into a stone wall, where a small plume of dust rose quickly into the air, indicating where the accident was occurring.

I quickly pulled my car over and ran towards an injured man lying in the road. Luckily a nurse arrived at the same time and checked the guy for his injuries. The weather was warm and sunny, so I knelt down and shaded the man’s eyes from the glare of the sun.

It became apparent that although his injuries were quite serious, he was able to tell me his name and what had happened.

He had just parked his car on a steep driveway that was adjacent to the main road, climbed out and immediately heard a loud twang which was the handbrake snapping. A valiant attempt to jump back into his car only resulted in him being dragged a short distance, and as I looked up the driveway I could see his flip flops littering a trail from where the car had been parked.

The runaway car was nestled in the wall a few metres away from the damaged minibus which had deployed both of its airbags. Fortunately, the injured passengers of the minibus were under the care of other passerby’s.

Myself and the nurse chatted and reassured the gentleman until we heard the welcome sound of police cars and eventually an ambulance. We wished him well as we passed him into the more capable hands of the emergency crew, and as I trudged back to my car, thanked my lucky stars that I hadn’t set off on my journey 10 seconds earlier.....

Thankyou for reading

Best wishes as always


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CoraMitchell Premium
CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR RANK, TOP 200! Very impressive! Prayers for the gentleman you assisted and thankful you were behind the other cars!
Here's to your success!

Heyday Premium
Thanks Cora, the next time I’m passing the accident spot, I’ll call in and get an update, I’m hopeful that he’d be ok though
Best wishes
Nkaujzeb Premium
Wow, hopefully the gentleman will recover quickly. Thank goodness his runaway car didn't hit anyone, and congratulations to you for being top 200.
Heyday Premium
Thanks for your concern. The nurse was of the opinion that he had no broken bones and as I spoke with him, it became very apparent that he was more concerned about his ‘pride and joy’ (which was a convertible) than his own injuries. I tried to reassure him that it looked ok from the front end, however we couldn’t see the back of it which was nestled into the wall!
Best wishes
Memorylaneuk Premium
Don’t count the near misses is something I have held true to ny heart. Thankfully you were there to help. Others may have driven on ! Everything happens for a reason.
And finally congratulations on your top 200 Ranking. It is never given unless deserved so enjoy it .
I feel your pain of working from your I phone. I too started with this alone but I made it work.
I currently work from an Ipad which I love but still with some thing’s I do need to go to my very slow computer. One day I will probablly work from a fancy and quick laptop but for now I work with whatever is available to me.
With Grace and Gratitude
Heyday Premium
Thankyou so much Karen, it’s comforting to know that others have been in my situation and made it work, and I will draw inspiration from your kind and thoughtful words
Best wishes
MKearns Premium
Definitely a fortunate close call!
Heyday Premium
Yes, the passengers and driver of the minibus were at the wrong place at exactly the wrong time!
BobbyO Premium
Have you made any money yet? Enjoyed your story and congrats on your ranking!
Heyday Premium
No I haven’t Bobby, unfortunately I’ve only completed half of the training in level 1 as I’ve been doing all my online work off my iPhone. I need to invest in a new laptop in order to continue with my training, so I’m taking some time out until I’m in a position to restart.
I’ve achieved the ranking by being active in the community, however this will not provide an income. I realised this quite early on, but have enjoyed the community side so much, I’ve remained active until my first month premium expires
Best wishes