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CONTENTS1. HEADLINE FEATURE........ Smashed it, yes! Do I deserve it, No2. REGULAR FEATURE..........Goals by numbers 3. REGULAR FEATURE...........Favourite news story of the day1. Smashed it, YES, do I deserve it, NOPlease bear with me here, WA friends, i logged in this morning, and to my complete disbelief, had a pop up box on my phone screen saying that I am now a Top 200 member.I joined as a free member 1 month ago and went premium on 21st May 2018. Some of you may know that I’ve had w
CONTENTS 1. HEADLINE FEATURE:....American-English phrases and trends 2. REGULAR FEATURE:....Goals by numbers and favourite news story suspended for this blog due to time restraints, there will however be a good news story in my next blog (which will be my last before my enforced break)1. American-English phrases and trendsI think this subject has been covered before, but from what I can see, it was way back in 2013, so let’s give it another blast.I’ve read lately about some individu
June 06, 2018
CONTENTS:1. HEADLINE FEATURE: a brief farewell 2. REGULAR FEATURE: goals by numbers 3. NEW FEATURE: favourite news story of the day1. A brief farewell So everyone, I’m aware that the end of my 1st month is approaching on the 21st of June, I’ve decided to cancel my premium membership until I’m in a position to get a new laptop. Unfortunately, as much as I’ve loved the community and the blogs, I’ve struggled with the training due to all of my online activities bein
CONTENTS1. HEADLINE FEATURE: Catchphrase what now? 2. REGULAR FEATURE: Goals by numbers3. NEW FEATURE: Special thanks1. Catchphrase votes result:Firstly, I’d like to sincerely thank all members who took the time to comment and vote on my last blog, got some amazing feedback and constructive advice so I feel it was well worth the effort.The results are in, and as you can see from the headline, “make heyday while the sun shines” was the winning catchphrase with 8 vot
CONTENTS:1.BLOG FEATURE: My confession....2.REGULAR FEATURE: Goals by numbers3.NEW FEATURE: I need your help...4.NEW FEATURE: Blog tip1. MY CONFESSION....OK, first off, I would just like to say that I haven’t been signed up by Kyle and Carson as some weird, drug-crazed Mr Motivator, although you could be forgiven for thinking so, especially when I go off on one of my hyped up rants. Truth be told, I don’t overly care if I come across as a little
My number one reason for joining WA was, and will remain until I achieve it, the allure of building a passive income that will hopefully fund a lavish old age pensioners lifestyleI made the classic mistake of emptying the pension pots long before reaching the half way point (which round these parts is age 33) as my young and reckless mind was determined to live for the day, and let the future look after itself.... oops, this literally was a classic school boy error!Anyway, being self employed
Good day to you all and welcome to my blog no. 4Today, you fantastic people, I would like to share with you all an idea that has effectively been inspired by this whole community The term ‘holy grail’ dates back 2000 years and was said to be the chalice used by Jesus or even the gospel written prior to his good self (stay with me here non-believers, the point I’m going to get to is not a churchy thing, unless of course, you want to interpret it that way)In my past, I have alwa
Part 1definition: EXTRAORDINARILY GOODJust another word to describe this place, seriously I might be starting to run out of superlatives to describe WA!I deliberately picked supercalifragilisticexpialidocious as I believe keywords and phrases are quite a big deal round these parts. My mildly autistic mind is instantly drawn to weird things like car number plates, telephone numbers,newspaper headlines and the like!The newspaper headline that I remember more than any other, is from 20 or so years
It’s official, I am so Re-energised that I now have more energy than my poor tired old phone—- it now needs two battery snooze charges a day, compared to my one!Delighted to share with you all, that I’m now ranked in the top 100,000, seriously I feel like I’m on a rocket ship to the stars, on my way to a meet and greet with the shiniest stars, I’ve only got to pass another 94,000 or so stars on the way! I don’t know why you’re laughing @skandy85, I&rsqu
22 comments make cash online, anyway here I am, I have arrived, I’m sorry that I’m late, I shall endeavour to make up for lost time!To give you a little background about myself, I’m going to list a couple of my weak points but more importantly, a few strengths, so if you follow me, you’ll know which buttons to press!Money management has never been a friend to me, ok maybe it was for a couple of years when I was young and had no outgoings, however, since those many moons ago,