HOLY GRAIL or wholly fail

Last Update: May 28, 2018

Good day to you all and welcome to my blog no. 4

Today, you fantastic people, I would like to share with you all an idea that has effectively been inspired by this whole community

The term ‘holy grail’ dates back 2000 years and was said to be the chalice used by Jesus or even the gospel written prior to his good self (stay with me here non-believers, the point I’m going to get to is not a churchy thing, unless of course, you want to interpret it that way)

In my past, I have always understood the holy grail to be that untouchable solution that evades so many of us, in our quest for wealth, health or life in general. The answers that we know are out there, but hey, we’re on a need to know basis, right?

Let me present to you a little outside of the box thinking, and please let me know if you agree or disagree, I won’t take offence, we’re all entitled to our opinions.

What if I told you, that YOU, yes you, ARE the holy grail??!!

If you think about that for just a second, and let’s expand it a little more, to include yourself, and me, and in fact every other person on the planet that they are, we are, you are, individual holy grails.

Let me explain further, that the key to unlocking our potential is deep within each and every person, we just didn’t fully understand that, until you either stumble across a place like this, or get pointed in the right direction.

The supposedly tangible holy grails, such as finding a winning system or guaranteed cash payout methods are simply red herrings to the vast majority of us, and this is why I now believe that if we want to find the ‘holy grail’ then we need to be THE holy grail to achieve this.

We all have the ability to do or be the best at what we are capable of, on whatever level that is currently just above you. You need to strive and push yourself to get onto that next level, because you might just be pleasantly surprised at what you may find there.

And if you don’t do this then you’re not achieving what you’re supposed to be achieving and in this sense we are failing our capabilities.

So what’s it to be? Holy grail or wholly fail.

As an aside, these are only my views which I want to inspire you with, I googled it and to the best of my knowledge nobody else has suggested my opinion, and thank goodness I’ve managed to find the off button for the bold text, it was getting a bit heavy on my eyes, I hope you think it was worth putting in bold though.... UPDATE; I’ve knocked off all the bold text as it was too heavy on the eyes!

A very brief goals by numbers, if you will:

10,000 I know it’s not the b all and end all, but I’m driven by a little competition and would love to break into the top 10k rankings this weekend

UPDATE; accomplished 👍🏻

9,999 brain calories required per day, to keep blog production levels up!

And finally,

1 is the number required for a holy grail, and that 1 is you!!

Best wishes everyone, have an amazing weekend


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BradB18 Premium
You need to strive and push yourself to get onto that next level, because you might just be pleasantly surprised at what you may find there. SO TRUE Heyday.

Here is a little song by Hunters and Collectors, an OZZY band!!!
Heyday Premium
Thankyou Brad, happy that you share my thoughts
JosonInc Premium
: ) Great brain fruit !
Heyday Premium
Love it, needs to be high calorie brain fruit, if that’s possible?!
dottiej3411 Premium
You've been doing a lot of thinking Heyday. Your thoughts give me something to think about.
Bless you,
Heyday Premium
Do you know Dottie, I don’t think about it much, the thoughts and ideas just spring into my mind, and if I don’t write it down they’re forgotten... forever normally!
Glad you enjoyed and given you something to ponder
MSnargrass Premium
Sounds like an achievable goal!
Heyday Premium
Definitely Marcus, nothing within reason should be impossible
crshafer Premium
Love this! I’m down for extra motivation and I’m a caps person myself! Have a great and safe weekend!
Heyday Premium
Glad you liked it Crissy, watch out for more madcaps-lock blogs coming your way soon!