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At times in my life when I was not convinced of things like a bright future and a times of unending treasures, I looked at success as too distant to achieve. "Only famous people are wealthy." How could this actually happen to be? Things have seemed dormant at times in my life. Who am I to dare to hope and dream?

But then one day, I happened upon Wealthy Affiliate and things began to change a little bit at a time.

  • I began to continue doing what I love--writing; when my desire had taken a back seat.
  • I began to design websites in a different platform; when my current business seemed out of date and behind the times.
  • I began to get a spark of excitement; when I had begun to settle at my current position.

It's funny how one choice to click, one gesture to log on, one certain circumstance after another led me here---to dive right in and have a massive space to spread out and learn, write, design, achieve and live to my fullest potential.

All of these things are what WA has given me to redirect my life in a whole new and exciting direction---a direction toward who I am fully capable of and what will draw me to my success.

Thank you for this unique opportunity to climb higher.

Is success knocking on your door today? Will you let it in?

Erin :)!

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Thanks Erin!! Yes and I Will open the door!!

Tried and True


Whether it's Publishers Clearing House or success, all will be one in the same! LOL!

I guess I can say that success came knocking when I found the email in my inbox. I took the leap of faith and I have been here now a little over a month heading for 2 month anniversary. I am working hard and being persistent and also determined to make this work.

Yes, that email was the first step on your journey! Your determination will see it through!

Thank you

You're so welcome!

Thanks Erin, great post. Were you working in a job when you came to WA or were you already self employed?

When I found WA--or it found me--I had my 3 books published and on the shelves and was consistently designing sites for clients, which kept my income flowing--but not to the point of great wealth. Now, besides still writing and web design, I'm doing this, hoping to rise higher, which is working out very well.

Thanks for sharing Erin. I struggle being in a full time job and trying to get through all the WA training as well as implementing what I'm learning. I'll get there though, it's just taking longer than I thought it would. I'm impatient to be fully established in my online business.

Absolutely, Kim! Dream the full picture and live each moment by faith as you step softly into that dream!

Success is really just putting one foot in front of the other and see where it goes. You can decide the direction and the pace once you get going. Here's to us.

Yes, it is Judy! There's a song about that!--haha! We will all get to our destinations! Happy to connect with you!

When I found WA I was looking for something completely different from what I had been doing over the last 30 years. Something completely out of my comfort zone.

WA has shown me that and has proven to me I can do this thing called affiliate marketing. I love to learn new stuff and this fits the bill perfectly.

That's great, D! So happy you found your calling!

Great post! Thank you.

Thanks, Kareen! Happy to connect with you!

Great blog, Herinnelson!

Thanks, Kimberly! So happy to see you again!



Knock! Knock! Who is there?

Success! What??? Who are you talking to?

You Dummy!

Wha??? Me!

Yep, you!

You sure you got the right house?

Thank you Erin, more food for thought!


Nice, Frank.

Great post once again, Erin.
Similar story, one click changed everything for me too. Since that first click, I haven't stopped clicking :-).
I always say that if we work diligently, passionately and focused, success will look after itself.
Thanks and have a good night.

Great thoughts, perfect plan, Hennie!

Not perfect but a close second to you :-)

You're way too kind.



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