Millennials embrace the online concept

Last Update: March 08, 2018


Millennials are those who were born anywhere between 1981 and 2001. They are categorized into two groups: Generation Y (1981-1991) and Generation Z (1991-2001), making up the last 20 years of humans!

Yes, these are the ones who were born ascending into technology and the computer age and developed into it as the electronic period progressed. The first laptop was developed in 1981 and became a viral sensation at the end of the '80s.

This is the generation replacing the Baby Boomers, who are rapidly retiring. So, why is this group so important?---Being born and growing up as computers were taking on a whole new meaning and way of life, the Millennials make up the largest number of computer saavy individuals!


So, with all this said, then WHY is it important to expose these facts here and now?

They are an amazing TARGET AUDIENCE!

Creating a Wealthy Affiliate promotion website will most definitely appeal to this diverse, and yet, in tune generation. What better way than to offer a business like Wealthy Affiliate to these bold and energetic entrepeuneurs? They are our college students, those who've graduated and are venturing out into the world, or family dwellers. This category of people are more of the wave of the future than ever!

Offering them such a platform simply just goes without saying.

Just thought I'd impress that upon you all!

Thanks for reading and I always enjoy your comments so much!

Erin :)!

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CowboyJames Premium
Thank you Erin.
herinnelson Premium
My pleasure, CJ!
linda956 Premium
Great reminder.
herinnelson Premium
Thanks, Sweet Linda!
phakacha8 Premium
You are included. Aren't I?
I'm also included although your ceiling for the Millennials is 1981.
herinnelson Premium
I'm more with the baby boomers!--but kind of just went with the flow form '81 on to fit in!
TTedesco1 Premium
Thanks for sharing...
herinnelson Premium
You're quite welcome! Thank you for swinging by!
HennieSteyl Premium
Thank you, Erin. That is a very valid point that you made. One must also remember that they are computer savvy. Don't try and sell them with a lot of hype. They most probably know more about technology than you do.
Just saying
herinnelson Premium
Very true---and I can prove it through my daughters! --although I've been doing this for 20+ years. haha