Grateful to Work at Home

Last Update: Dec 13, 2017


Being Thankful

As I look outside at the snow continuing to fall, as it has all day, I smile and am thankful that I'm home. Inside the walls of my home, I experience endless opportunities to create as much simplistic beauty as I want, whether writing or web designing.

Working at Home

It doesn't matter how long before the snow ceases to fall. I'm working just as hard as the people speeding by, rushing to their 9-5 jobs. I'm at peace with my decision to work at home and find the constant web work inviting, taking me within my deepest thoughts.

Enjoying Life

My busyness is outside of my work. I can enjoy each and every outing, visiting and exploring new places. I can swing by Starbucks, take my time shopping, talk with friends, spend time with family and simply enjoy life!

My ? to ? Job

Because I make my own hours, life has a way of smiling down upon me. There is a tranquility about my day that I have come to appreciate. I love waking up and opening my computer to a whole new day of intrigue within Wealthy Affiliate. The people, leaders and community plays a welcome part in my day!

My Web Sites

All my sites are rapidly gaining ideas, content, hits, sales and comments. As the progression at WA persists, I am relating to my visitors in such a unique way. I am learning more and more of what it takes to succeed and I am loving the journey!

Thank you to a great company that I happened upon one day who made it all possible!

Thank you, friends, for reading and I would love to hear YOUR thoughts!!

Recent Comments


Well said and well done on your success, working from home
It must be a great feeling not to have to face the daily commute.
Onwards and upwards
Continued success
Cheers PB

I love your comments, Phil! You always make me smile!

Working at home is amazing and I can't think of anything I would trade it for (other than perhaps being paid to travel).
Right now, I am especially grateful no to have to go out in the cold and snow, sitting in traffic for 2 hours to complete a 30-minute drive.

That is certainly something to be thankful for! Glad we share the same work at home mentality! Thanks for commenting!

Great stuff, I feel the same way.

So glad you do, Damo! Nice to hear from you!

Great post, this will be me one day, with everyone going to work and snow and ice, not to mention the accidents. You can enjoy life and do what you want, while controlling your calendar.

So nicely put, Jordan! I totally agree with you! I wish you all the best and Merry Christmas!

Well said!
This caught my eye and as I read it, memories came back to the days where I had to commute 1.5 hours on a major highway that had 6 lanes and at high speeds. How did I do that!

I make sure to acknowledge how grateful I am to be sitting here typing this out while I take a break from my website :)

The freedom is amazing and whenever we want to. Today I'm going Christmas shopping and can take my time. Of course I bring my 7" tablet to check things out here at WA :)

Wow! How DID you do that!?? Being grateful puts us where we are in life, and I for one am grateful to be at WA. I wish you a very Merry Christmas! Happy shopping!

Thank you! Merry Christmas to you as well :D


Beautiful post, Erin! I love working at home too. Its quite addictive. :)

It really is! Thanks for your nice comment!

I love this! One day, I hope to be doing what you are doing - working from home as my full time job. Thanks for sharing. It gives me hope x

What a very sweet comment. I want to encourage you that anything is possible with hope and belief! You can do ANYTHING! See you around again soon!

Glad to hear things are going well for you. Enjoy the day.....I know you will.

Thanks so much. I wish all the best for you, too! Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas

There's no place like home to work in.

That's so true! So glad you're doing so well and I wish you continued success!

Thank you, may that blessing return to you.

Thanks, I'm humbled, but know it will!

Thank you for sharing.

You're quite welcome! See you around!

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