A Pause in My Personal Case Study to Reflect.

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Dear Friends:

I wanted to extend to you all, the importance of my whole Personal Case Study, and to emphasize how this has and will continue to positively impact my life---and quite possibly the lives of so many whom I care so deeply for---the community.

This began as an inkling I had to really step out and make a difference in my own life--to step out of my comfort zone and make an honest effort. A personal venture.

The goal I set of $50,000 was off the top of my head to give me an excited glow that would propel my drive. It is a goal that goes beyond what I could ever imagine for myself and my family.

This study is to simply try---focusing on positive endurance. Failure is not an option, as it has already succeeded by stirring up confidence, self-worth, encouragement, excitement, faith, and all other positive emotions that come with the definition of success.

The main issue really isn't to succeed with the end goal, but that this new experience would come to light the way for others to challenge themselves, as well, and to find out what we all could gain in the process. That, to me, is worth it's weight in gold!

I am truly thankful to be part of a platform where I can freely state my passions and goals, and promote self-confidence and stamina.

Yes, I am pouring out more of myself than I ever have before with any other project or challenge that has been documented in my life.

I proceed with my deepest gratitude and from the guidance, love and spirit from all who have reached out with their encouragement and grace.


Erin :)!

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I love the inspiration, Erin.
Your challenge got me working again. While I believe it is possible to make $50K/mth, I doubt this can be done within one year. However, the thought of making five figures per month is so exciting and keeps me working harder to reach my goals.
I'm still following you on this and hope to be around when you accomplish your goals.

@Prinz it is said that a mind that has the lingering doubt cannot focus on the course to victory for doubts are our traitors and makes us lose the good we might win moving past the fear and into attempt.

"Doubt is a pain too lonely to see that Faith is his twin" Khali Gibam

Wishing you every success in achieving 50K/month within one year! LOA states "all thoughts become reality" and they do as I have experienced it often.


Thanks, @WorthMillion.
This is going to be some really tough work. :-)

You are welcome, and Know that YOU already have what it takes to achieve anything and everything you set your mind to!

Thoughts are powerful, make them positive and truly believe!

Never allow anyone to break down your trust in self, cuz if you can think it, and believe it, you will achieve it!

If you believe it is tough you will get that, make it fun and light ....enjoy your journey..... after all, isn't that what life is all about?
You are a success!
Here at WA you already have a team cheering for you and ready to help!


Thanks so much, Princila! So happy to have you follow along! I'm giving it my very best shot---we'll see how it plays out! Have you written any children's literature? That's right up my alley! :)!

Glad to follow you, Erin.
Yes, I have written a children's book. I got featured in Karen's list here:

That's so awesome, Princila! So proud of you! :)! I just added mine to the comments! Thanks!

You speak much truth, Suzanne!

Tough but fun!

Oh, and I also wanted to list my "Dreams and Desires" since it is Memorial Day. I am involved in my community to try and get Tiny Houses built, mainly for our veterans, but also for the homeless. I would love to make $50,000 per month so I could help support some of these villages. The Tiny Village idea is finally starting to take off, and I will be on the bandwagon! Our veterans have sacrificed so much for us, and we need to be doing everything we can to help them when they return. One of my websites is for veterans. Also, my husband and I are retired and in our late 60's, early 70's, and we are not making it on Social Security. We are also fearful we may end up on the street. Not a pleasant thought. I wish everyone here a wonderful long weekend and much success on this year long journey together!!

Your dreams and desires are so heartfelt and admirable, Connie! What a fabulous project to participate in! I love watching the tiny houses being built on TV! A perfect gesture for our military and homeless. Brilliant! Blessings will follow, my dear!

Hi Erin,
I am intrigued by you year long case study! I would like to join in. However, I am much further along than most of the people here. So I wanted to see what your advice is. I started WA about 2 1/2 years ago when I was in the throws of a nasty battle with a rare form of breast cancer. I could not sleep at night so I spent my nights on WA. I knew absolutely nothing at the time I joined. However, with all of the training, I managed to build 3 websites. I still have those 3 websites and have probably 25 pages/posts on each. However, I have never been able to get them to monetize. So I am wondering if this group could help me with that. AND -- do I have to wait until everyone else catches up?? I am willing to follow along and wait if need be. Your thoughts please?? Thank you for doing this. I really think this is what everyone needs. Some, including myself, are technically challenged and need some hand holding along the way. I tried to reach out to several members to help me (that are successful now) but they could not be bothered. And that was O.K. but that is when I kind of gave up. I have spent almost 3 years and I have some cool websites. I hate to just give all that up! Will this group help me?

Hi Connie! So happy to connect with you, and I just read your amazingly wonderful comment on my wall! I also replied to it!

You have just the energy needed to be here! There are no set rules for this study concerning the group, as anyone may follow as much or as little as they want! As for applying what is learned to your sites---no matter how far along your website is, you can certainly implement tasks performed here at any time. I think it may highly benefit you to follow along and spruce up your site even more. Work on your SEO, high-quality keyword and keyword phrases. Yoast plugin may help you. It has worked well on my sites in guiding my content and keywords. --Even along side of SEO All in One plugin. When downloaded, it shows up on the bottom of each page and post.

I look forward to seeing you often and please come to me with any questions you may have!

Erin :)!

Great post! Loving the inspiration and positive vibe.

Changing ones mindset or most anything becomes a habit after consecutively doinv/implementing something for 21 days straight. It is also said that we are a reflection of the five people we surround ourself with. A successful yet humble mindset does require some decluttering and/or removal of bad habits, and unfortunately that includes people who see further problems to problems rather than a solution.


Exactly, Suzanne! You are so right! I love the insight you have written here---it's so true to life and sums up a lot of Earl Nightingale's video!

I have made a note of Earl Nightingales video to watch. I had never heard of him before. Sounds like I will enjoy his video!

Thank you again for sharing the name of the video!

You mean you wrote that without having seen his video! WOW! You're good! lol

Had never heard of Earl Nightingale till you made mention of him. I have read many inspirational books but this is a new author for me.

Did you listen to his video yet, Suzanne? It will be quite inspiring! You'll love his work and his soothing voice! I listen to him when I go to sleep.

I am going to listen to him now as I got lost in rereading excerpts in Dale Carnegie's book and Joseph Murphy's book. Great idea on listening to him when going to sleep.

At times I truly feel that we truly cannot begin to comprehend the amazing power of our subconscious mind that we have been blessed with to achieve all that we can conceive. Unfortunately, it can be used for more than just good.

I like to read a lot, too. Great book choices! I like absorbing information and knowledge when I sleep, too--haha. It is very stimulating!

You and your inspiration motivate me to improve myself. You told me once that I could do better (of course not in those words) but you were right. I was slacking, I could do better than I was so I started working harder and now wish I hadn't had spent those first few months slacking off.
I want to thank you for everything you have done for me!! You may not know what impact you have had on me!!

Tried and True


Your words speak such compassion, Elaine, and I'm so happy to offer my assistance. You are so very welcome. It is a distinct pleasure for me to be associated with such a kind and caring person as you! xoxo

Erin :)!

I think what you are doing is very cool.

It causes me to want to know more about your adventure, your progress, your thoughts and you in general. And, really, isn't that what this is all about? Growing an audience and providing inspiration and value.

You, my friend, are nailing it!

First of all, I love your full name--Marie-Louise. It has a wonderful flow about it! Also, your kind and sincere words humble me and I thank you for sharing your thoughts. It gives me great excitement to have you follow along at this precise moment in time! You're a lovely person who will accomplishment a great deal in life with your compassionate nature.

Erin :)!

Erin, I sooo understand what you mean. I am part of quite a few communities, physically and virtually. This WA community is possibly the most genuine and supportive I have come across so far. Members are not afraid to share their 'secret weapons' (no reference or incitement to violence intended here, believe me!) to success. There is a willingness by everyone to just help make others' way to success easy and, well .... successful. Thank you for being part of this community :)


What a beautiful account of your thoughts, dear Giulia! You are right on target! This community and all of you have changed my life in so many wonderful ways!

Erin, my friend, you just keep pouring yourself out to us. It's the best part of WA. Just remember to take care of yourself. When you feel tired, take a break. Breathe and enjoy what you are doing. This case study is going to be a smashing success. I just know it. Keep up the good work.
All the best,

Yes, Mom---haha. My dear Mother is in heaven with my Dad, but I know they are guiding me with this! Thanks for caring enough for me and stepping in to offer some motherly advice. It speaks to me like no other!

Love and spirit...without which we are just like resounding cymbals. Your love for people and the action behind this is what makes you shine out to those who see.

Like, why do I go back to the Islands, face all those pesky mosquitoes, 90 percent humidity, spend my retirement money...at firsts it did not make sense. After a while things made sense.

When folks back on the island start loving you back. It will be great when we all make some precious money here at WA and elsewhere. I plan to give it all back and leave just a bit for me and my family. This is what gives us the biggest pat on our backs when we look back one day and see what difference we have made in the lives of many.


Such a beautifully spoken reply, Joe! ---a brilliant analogy of this study, relating it to the challenge in getting it off the ground to where it made all the sense in the world! I so look forward to your comments, as they enlighten me and guide me to higher places! Thanks!

Erin :)!

Basically, the real goal is not that 50,000 a month.
The real goal is what will become of us one once we reach that goal. (Point to be able to have such income on regular basis)

In other words, when we will be able to make 50G a month, and somehow all these money will be taken from us, it takes significantly less time to reach that 50G a month income, than at very first time.

And that is the real Asset. The Real Goal.

At least, that is my understanding.

Thanks Erin

An interesting way of evaluating, Mike! Once the momentum is built, the ease will follow.

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