30 Ideas to Set You on Course for Success

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Recently, I received a request in earnest from one of my friends here at Wealthy Affiliate. His name is Wayne (buffetearns). He wanted me to produce a list for newbies that would help them--himself included--on an upward path to success. But really, it is for EVERYONE! He suggested 10 things, but, you know me--I went a little overboard as usual and came up with 30. Let me break down my ideas first.


Recently, I truly became in tune with what was happening here and in my life. I sat back to take it all in and was amazed at the progress. I have pressed forward with my WA Promotion site to new heights and yet to another site promoting my belief in WA---concentrating only on the FREE websites this time. Developing ideas on a daily basis is something I enjoy doing so much. When was the last time you simply took a few moments to reflect on your life as a whole!---to close your eyes and deeply begin a plan of endurance?


Each idea is the basis of what's to come. (Imagine this as you, too). Closing my eyes and thinking of the possibilities and direction that each new idea will go, concludes my thoughts by reaching my preferred destination. I love stretching my abilities to the limit, expanding beyond comprehension to the endless wealth I have developed in my mind.

Thinking it and envisioning what is to come, will bring it to fruition.


We all have the capabilities of expressing ourselves in such a unique style to the world. Getting an idea and running with it establishes more and more of who we are! (Sitting dormant is simply not an option!)

WA gives us the unique opportunity to put it all out there---to use what we were blessed with in an attempt to create elaborate ventures.


Outline how you want your life to play out. Picture it deeply within your soul. It may go something like this:

  1. Take better care of myself: eat healthy, exercise, get out in the fresh air.
  2. Reach out to others on a daily basis.
  3. Tell my family I love them, one or more times a day.
  4. Build up my confidence and speak positive words in every sentence.
  5. Spend time with family and friends, hugging those I love often!
  6. Love my kitties.
  7. Spend time meditating in the Word and praying (home, church and everywhere else.)
  8. Go for walks to clear my mind.
  9. Concentrate on my promotion sites.
  10. Apply my site links and photos to Pinterest.
  11. Create and add videos to my sites.
  12. Manage my email subscriptions and post emails every five days or so for a couple months for each campaign.
  13. Actively correspond with the community at WA.
  14. Keep my personal production rate up at WA, setting short and long-range goals.
  15. Establish content and keywords to each page on each site.
  16. Finish my niche site and implement affiliates.
  17. Spread out my (121) WA blog posts on all Social Media networks: Pinterest, FB, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Twitter--to rank on Google.
  18. Update my Google Console, applying my new sitemaps.
  19. Add Google Analytics to my sites.
  20. Add content daily on SiteContent.
  21. Get comments on every page of every site.
  22. Clean out all the clutter of each area of my home to release the junk.
  23. Donate all my old clothes to the needy.
  24. Help those less fortunate, realizing how thankful I am.
  25. See, hear, touch, smell and taste things around me, appreciating every one of my senses.
  26. Read inspirational and educational books.
  27. Write inspirational blogs, books, and messages.
  28. Send a card to someone once a week to let them know they're in my thoughts.
  29. Spread love and joy to everyone I come in contact with.
  30. Take time to enjoy life.

...and the list goes on and on. Please add to this list if you are compelled to!

Take time to map out your life and continue to enjoy each and every moment. The time to begin is NOW!

Erin :)!

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Thanks... Great Approach.

My pleasure---happy to connect!

What an awesome life map. I'm going to steal it, Erin. - Shirley

You may, Shirley! :)! Thanks!

Great post. Thinking I need to make a list to cover all aspects of my life...

Great idea, Karen! Go for it!

Number 29 and 30 is what I think it is all about, thanks.

I will take time this week and do this!

Yes, absolutely capturing the true essence!

Great positivity list and enjoyed reading this

So happy it enlightened you!

What a great post this is,the WA community certainly inspires people to have creative thought processes

Thanks, Dave! I kind of run with every idea I have--heehee!

That can't be helped here, but its great anyway.

Yes, I know!

Hi, Erin.

As usual, an excellent post with a lot of good advice. Here is a big HUG for you.

I wrote a similar post on how to achieve success in your personal life a few days ago. I think it is a good list that will compliment your post. Your readers can see it here: Hennie

Awwwww! So sweeeet! Thanks for your posting your link! Wow! How did I miss it?! I will check it out!

Between your list and mine, we will get close to very happy successful persons. :-)

Yes, great teamwork! (Like-minders!)

no 31 go to bed at a reasonable time.

Hanley does have a valid point Erin, get some shut eye! You have excelled yourself today!


Yes, point well-taken, hanley! My daughter was telling me the same thing tonight! I cooked an amazing dinner and enjoyed it with my daughter and fiance. I brought it to their home for some bonding time!

Thanks, Wayne! I just can't bring myself to do that, but I will soon--promise!

I know those nights! Have fun!


We are too much alike!

Your hair is longer than mine!


30 that is just showing off, that is one extensive list!

Thank you Erin, I am going to use this as my starting place!

I hope you are sleeping now and not reading this!


Oops! Ha ha! Thanks for being my inspiration!

My first task for tomorrow morning (as it is now 1:00 am). This exercise will really help to screw my head on right!

I think it's screwed on just fine! Ha ha! It is 3:44 am here! ZZZZZ

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