Bending the truth for your benefit

Last Update: March 14, 2019

To bend the truth as described in the dictionary is to say something that is not exactly true in order to achieve a goal. I was raised by parents who absolutely pounded it into my head when I was growing up that anything other than the truth was a lie. So as an adult, I have that same principle etched into my being that there's no such thing as a white lie or bending the truth. The reason behind this post is to rant a little about the cold hearted, uncaring way that some people in this business carry themselves. This kind of behavior eventually catches up with anyone that employes such tactics and soon causes the mistrust of people that use to think of them as having great integrity. When one that is in this industry and trusting folks discover who they are (truth benders), it lessens the effectiveness of us all that are striving to make a living online. Sorry about the rant, I just hate to see such behavior and the effects of it as a whole new generation of future marketers could be damaged by a few bad apples.

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ValerieJoy Premium Plus
I absolutely agree with you, Robert. Bending the truth has been predominant online for as long as I can remember. So many people with little knowledge of online activity get caught by the unethical. It is cruel and totally acceptable behavior. However, I feel it necessary to add, it's not just online this behavior happens, it's been circulating around the world since time began!
Tipqmon11 Premium
In business, we have to have integrity! You are absolutely right bending the truth is a Flat out LIE!! Unfortunately, there are people in this life that have to use wrong motives/tactics to get bad apples will stop us! Blessings to you!
Dashnow Premium
With a little thought, one can usually tell who is bending the truth. I stay away from those people in business as well as in my personal life.
RDulloo Premium
I agree with you 100%! Bending the truth changes it and thus, does not make it the truth anymore. If it's not the truth, it's a lie.

I am in the make money online niche and I see them everyday, unfortunately.
SondraM Premium
I am glad that you are NOT willing to bend the truth. I agree with you. Such behavior can damage an entire new generation of future marketers.