Im Sorry !

Last Update: December 03, 2019

I woke this morning with great enthusiasm for the day... Back home and set up my work station ready to rock and roll !!

When I checked my emails... i have made a referral to WA!🎉 YAY!! Will this one go premium..... 🤞🏻I hoped so....

I went in to check all my messages had been sent in welcome, to make sure that they were managing to negotiate the startup of the courses.. generally do my best to make their introduction easy..

What do I find?

A disgusting spammer, with the most disgusting blog I have ever read and on a referral from me! I am appauled... what a depraved individual..! Makes me sick to think there are such disgusting people out there.....

I now have 20 referrals and not a single one has gone premium... I am not doing something right....

7pm 03/12/19

Just a little update .... I have heard from Support and within 30 minutes they have blocked the account and removed the offending blog. So thats all good news!

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Marley2016 Premium

I am so glad you had this fixed. I do know how it feels to have
many Starter Referrals but no Premiums! We can only do
what we do and that is keep moving forward writing more
content eventually those referrals will begin to go Premium
have the faith!

Take care, my friend,

Defiant6 Premium
Sadly, you're going to run into this. My first and so far, only referral to WA was a spammer as well. What flabbergasted me was that she went through all the trouble to setup a profile and then began spamming away with her own promotion. I will not give up though and I'll keep pushing ahead until I get more referrals and ones who actually want to be here to create a thriving online business.
Debs66 Premium
You are not the only one Helen.
I had one who consistently used me as a link to be a newbie only to get at others here.

I believe the same person used me to hopefully discredit me in any way they could. Lucky for me not only did I know who the person was but so did many others.

Some people get banned from here because they should be banned then they come back and annoy. They don't last long nor does their write access.

Just keep your eye on them and make sure Kyle and Carson knows about it.

No you are doing nothing wrong at all. Just keep going. Some of those that don't upgrade straight away do tend to come back.

You are doing fine do not let this get you down that is what they want. x
Debs :)
Helen123 Premium Plus
Thanks Debs.. just heard from support that they have been blocked and the blog removed so a good result.
LBissett Premium
Although you may received an unlucky SPAM and wrote about this; you have at least helped me (who is still in training to set up my website) to know that although this may happen to me; it may be discouraging and frustrating, but like the others said it will be alright in the end.
Thank you for letting me know what might happen in the future, that it wasn’t our fault when people can be ugly and try to feel encouraged for the new referrals to be encouraged and move on to a brighter future with all of us helping them and each other in WA Community.
I sure hope this message makes sense to you and others who read it. I’m a little bit physically sick with sinus infection.
Helen123 Premium Plus
I’m sorry to hear you’re ill, hope you recover for the weekend!
Talk2Ray Premium
Please don't think this is your fault. I am sure there are many out there in internet land that happen on our sites and think they can use WA for their depraved ideas. It could happen to anyone of us.
Keep adding your content those that want to upgrade will come.
Helen123 Premium Plus
Thanks Ray, lots of good feeling here today and Im glad i posted my blog.