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Im back! We have made it through our four weeks in Central Africa ! It was definitely an experience, I wont say 'good experience' because we had a few issues that were pretty scary at the time, but now are a dim and distant memory.... somethig to build strategies on should we go back to Central Africa again, although have to be honest, we are not planning on it. One of the most annoying issues for me to cope with was the horrendous wifi that they get. How do they do anything?? Well the simple
Not going to bore the socks off you but I have got to have a rant this afternoon... This is driving me crazy.. and has done on numerous previous occasions. I really dont need distractions - stuff not doing whta theyre supposed to do, but this has really got me peeved.Ill say it on one word - ANALYTICSI hated the setting up of analytics on my websites, but I went through the process of setting it up, getting verification, not getting verification, going through it all again to try to get verif
Well he lost in the semi finals of the singles today. Couldnt get his kick serve to work well enough. Got to three sets but couldnt finish it out. He was as cross as hell when he came off... everything was wrong... he was tired, legs like jelly, headache, backache.. nothing I said made a difference. So we marched back to the hotel. Got food and water into him, headache tabs, cool down with the air con and massage on his back.... Mr Grumpy Gills turned back into my son.... 🤣Altitude is s
June 18, 2019
So we have been in Rwanda now for 5 days.. After the very stressful start worrying about the Yellow Fever vaccinations, and the understanding that taxi drivers will try to rip you off, we are getting used to Kigali. It’s not like home. .... At all.. But in the interests of ‘experience’ which seems to be what my life is all about right now, it’s definitely hitting full on the ‘experienometer’ ! We start the tournament today, my son got s bye in the first roun
Thought I would express my disappointment in myself and share my worry over the last few days. I am the sort of person that likes all their ducks in a row... I am beginning to realise that this is causing me a lot of excess worry that does not do me any good. But Im not sure how to control it. As you all know I am travelling in Africa with my son, who is a junior international tennis player. We are in Rwanda, we arrived yesterday after two days of travelling. We set off from Malaga on Wednesd
So I think y'all know that I am doing the SAC this year (Super Affiliate Challenge). This was a big step for me, because I have certain OCD traits.... Things have to be perfect... If they're not, then I have to redo them until they are. I have been know to tear out pages from my notebook because my notes weren't neat enough! I trained as a nurse back in the day, (BC) and as a staff nurse, in charge of a ward, if my notes from the previous day were not neat enough, I would re-write them before
Im rather confused. I run a medical website and have had issues in the past with analytics. The code disappears from the website and we get no data. Well I personally put that code back onto the webstie a few weeks ago and I still have no data. I have another program that monitors the website for traffic and this morning when I was looking at the analytics, losing heart in the whole process, I saw the other programme click up that there were 5 visitors on the website but the analytics said ther
I received a rather terrifying email this morning.... I am not a dramatic person...hmmm maybe I am... but I was trawling through my spam email looking for a booking confirmation for a Nairobi hotel (our next tennis tournament) as I need it for the visas we require, and I found this email message below. It was sent to the email of a website I manage for a doctor in the UK, it has shaken me because of course I do not want any of the threats to be carried out. It would be a disaster. What are yo
Im really out of sorts, definitely balls 1, 3 and 4... mostly 3 if Im honest....... Im so frustrated, I feel itchy on the inside, as if I have an itch and cant work out where it is to scratch it. I know the reasons, but that doesnt help me find the resolutions. I have an inability to say no. I live in Spain, out with my son who is a junior international tennis player. Over time people have come and gone with their kids, theyve moved onto other academies or their kids have grown up and gone t
I thought things were getting better with Site Comments. From what I had read, about the alerations to the platorm, we would be getting a better deal. I bought some comments today. I have a new website and a ton of work to do on it and really didnt have time to offer my opinions today. I have had to reject 4 and it really annoys me that we are still getting people who think its okay to just use a few of the headings in their review for my cash. I take my job seriously when I offer comm