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Happy New Year to everyone !! Im back in Spain and getting on with business... Lots to get on with... a new year and targets to meet.. This is the first time I have really set targets for myself with my SAC website, well apart from the targets set each month by Kyle. So I am working on blogs as usual but also videos this month.I have spent the last 2 days going through the various platforms suggested by Kyle to see firstly how easy they are to use and what the cost of the full version is. No po
December 06, 2019
It must be some kind of phenomenon but it seems that when I have time on my hands, I can't think that there is one thing that i need to do.. I think Im up to date and feel rather smug.... ButWhen I have very little time or fragmented time, as is the case right now, I have SOOOO much I need to do right now that I can barely think where to start ! Month 6 of the SAC is upon us.. I have a lot to read for that and an awful lot of information that I have got to assimilate and understand, its a topic
December 03, 2019
I woke this morning with great enthusiasm for the day... Back home and set up my work station ready to rock and roll !! When I checked my emails... i have made a referral to WA!🎉 YAY!! Will this one go premium..... 🤞🏻I hoped so.... I went in to check all my messages had been sent in welcome, to make sure that they were managing to negotiate the startup of the courses.. generally do my best to make their introduction easy..What do I find?A disgusting spammer, with the
December 02, 2019
We are on our way home after 3 weeks in Nairobi.. My boy returns home with 3 medals.. 2runner up and 1 winner. A good run but now needs rehab in the UK. As many of you know he has been carrying a stomach injury that really wasn't resolved before we started in Kenya. It was a worry, could he compete and would he tear the muscle.. praise God, no tears.. just seen the physio and we have 5 weeks of intensive rehab which will be plenty of time for full recovery.. then move into preseason on Jan 5 re
November 24, 2019
I have to be in my guard.. I'm like a magpie for shiny new things and as Black Friday approaches, my resolve starts to fade.. I have in the past picked up some great tools to use on my website.. I have a great animated video maker, I have used it so many times.. love it! , another for writing ebooks.. but I do recognise in myself this propensity for 'shiny toys' that would be great gif doing stuff in my websites.. if I only had the time! Time ends up bring my master, which is frustrating.. I h
November 20, 2019
Hey guys.... just finished the objectives for Month 5 SAC but realised that it was up on November 15th, but Ive not received a PM from Kyle... Have I missed something? Has the date been pushed back? Ive been a bit out of it these last few days so maybe there has been a message and Ive missed it? Dont want to get off track.. need that push to keep going..Thanks ! Any update would be great!
November 19, 2019
This week has gotten off to a frustrating start... so far.. and it's already Tuesday night in Nairobi, I have managed to do absolutely nothing on my SAC website.. my goals are flying out of the window faster than the speed my son can hit his serve ( he's a behemoth of a serve). We are now 12 days into our tour here.. and I have no routine at all. I'm getting no where very fast.. Today for example, up at 7, we get to the courts by 7.50am.. the traffic in a morning here is pandemonium.. it's lik
November 17, 2019
As y'all know my boy is competing in Kenya.. this is the first tournament since his stomach injury 6 weeks ago.We had hoped he would get some local tournaments in before we got here but the muscles needed more time. So he came having not played a full match in about 2 months and not serving at all.. I was worried about how things would go.. as y'all know and you were all so supportive! Well this is week 1 update...He has got his mojo back, he played 3 full singles matches, losing to an Italian
November 16, 2019
After my debacle with Facebook over the last week, I decided to switch tack completely and use it to learn about making money online/Wordpress. So I joined a few new groups.. I was quite pleased with myself that I was turning things around on Facebook and using it to better advantage.. Well Wordpress has been interesting.. the group I joined has got to be the worst losers .. sorry.. I dont call people that usually, but they're a bunch of complainers.. nothing is ever right, they only want help
November 13, 2019
🤣 That's BUZZSUMO !I was reading an article on about inspiration.... There are days when I have so many ideas in my head that I can barely do anything because there's so much there and I don't know where to start ! I do make notes, I use asana which is awesomely useful because i can jot things down and know that when I come back to them, I will be able to pick the thread up.But there are also times when I just have no inspiration at all. Like a novelist having .. wh