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I know my headline is confusing... Why am I unhappy about a new referral? I should be pleased that my work is starting to be recognised. But this isnt the first referral I have had for my SAC website. Its still a very new website in MMO terms with less than 100 posts so right now not expecting too much from it.However in the last 12 months I have had 21 new referrals but none have converted to premium. Not a single one of them are from my target audience. Im not sure if I am giving out mixed m
August 21, 2020
I have been missing for the last few weeks. It has been a tremendously busy time for me but sadly not on my businesses here. My husband, since March and the lockdown in the UK has not been able to work. He is a consultant gynaecologist and fetal medicine specialist ( private baby scan service) and in the UK when lockdown happened, they took all the private hospitals into the NHS to help with the outbreak which meant that he lost his income.. from 100% to zero in one day! We were barely suppo
August 03, 2020
Ok, so I know that we are all going through a tough time, its been going on for a while now. I have weathered most of the storm and worked through things but have come up against a bit of a brick wall.My daughter had a new baby 6 weeks ago, so I went to Finland to help her. She also has an 18 month old so I knew that I would have trouble finding any time to myself to work. I accepted the challenge and told myself that I would do my best but not get caught up in the stress if I ended up not be
July 16, 2020
So Ive been struggling lately... As many of you know I have a son who is a tennis player, and pre-covid we would travel the world for him to play internationally... he has done so well that he has achieved his first life goal of getting a tennis and academic scholarship to a D1 school in the USA. But then along came Covid.... We have everything set up except for the F1 visa. We had appointments but sadly they have been cancelled and we have to wait until the consulate in London opens again. Ver
July 08, 2020
So Im at my daughters right now, in Finland. She has had a baby and Ive come to lend a hand. Not sure how much use I am as Im not really a baby person, but hey ho doing my best. So whilst Im here, Im not having much time to do work online... but then I get this email from Google console..I havent changed any content parameters, or elements at all... Im in the process of writing a blog but its not published yet. Confusing to say the least.Now I do have some blogs that are not ranked wll on mobil
No, I'm not talking about the 'save the planet' type of recycling.. that's got to be a good thing.. I'm talking about repurposing / rehashing/ recycling blogs and posts.. Do you go back and repurpose your posts? Maybe you update some information - like we have all done recently with our WA blogs.. Have you turned a blog into an info graphic to recycle and repost? What got me thinking was one of these video ads on Facebook( sorry.. a bit of time I'll not get back!) offering a 'brilliant package
I thought I was onto a winner when I discovered Ebay... I know that it has been around a long time but what could be more altruistic than selling what you dont want to someone that does want it? A really positive step in our environment. Well it is when it all goes to plan... So my son and I, now we are in the UK for an enforced period, decided to take advantage of upgrading our phones and getting better deails with our respective service providers. We both had phones that were still current
So, I changed my phone last week... I have started a new side hustle website to my MMO website, promoting my artisanal products. Its been a long time coming but as y'all know up to the pandemic, I travelled the world with my son, so he could compete internationally.... so the option to get this off the ground was not there... But since lockdown, I have started working on it and I changed my phone to an iphone 11pro max. The camera is supposed to be really good... and it is!! But.... two issues.
May 21, 2020
This is a dilemma... Following on from Kyle's blog yesterday about sitespeed and mobile friendly websites... My site speed for desktop and mobile are not great... I was shocked to see on Kyle's blog that he has 100 on everything.... I sooooo do not have that... Some of my mobile speeds are no better than 10! So I realise that there are certain things on some of my blogs that are slowing the process down such as animated infographics which look crazy but really must take an age to load... stupid
So am I to understand, ftom the response I got to my question in live chat, that there are is no more super affiliate challenge tutorials? I thought they were monthly for a year and we have gotten to month 9. Just thought I'd get clarification. Thanks.