How To Drive Tons Of Free Traffic Using Quora

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HowTo Drive Tons Of Free Traffic Using Quora

What you're going to learn:


2.CreateYour Quora Account

3.FindThe Best Questions



What isQuora and Why Use It?

Quora is the # 53 most- visited website in USA among millions of internet websites, with a

$1.9 billion valuation Quora is free to use to drive massive high quality targeted traffic. Every month Quora has 614 million users.


3 Amazing Things About Quora

  • Free to use
  • Free highly targeted traffic in the niche you are working.
  • Instant Credibility because at the moment you publish on Quora you know what you're talking about.

What Is Quora?

Quora isa knowledge based website, so you need to tread carefully, so youcannot insert links in every question you answer or messaging peoplewith your links because your account will be banned.

The mostimportant key is: giving the most relevant and high quality answer Rememberyou're building an evergreen asset and you just need to answer1 question daily to build a sense of momentum.

TheSuccessful Quora's Recipe

Youjust need daily action with consistency and provide valuable answers.

HowTo Create A Quora Account The Right Way

You need to go www.quora.comand open an account or you can log in with a Google or Facebook.

Then youneed choose 10 topics you're interested in, at this moment you haveto choose everything related on your own niche.

Choosemore topics...

Now it's time to create your profile...

What is key here is to add a link near the top of your profile.

HowTo Set Up Your Profile

Name you can use a pen name


Shortdescription on what you are specialize... affiliatemarketing, full internet marketer or marketing expert on__________________.

Longdescription (link )

Example:you can find the best way to make money online here <--- put yourlink.

Anotherexample: if you need more help to start with___________________ makeclick here!

Thenexplain what you do, what your experience etc...

Addcredentials, you don't need to show NASA credentials just something that to shows your knowledge.

Forexample: I've in health, marketing, email marketing, affiliatemarketing etc for more than 3 or 5 years – 6 or more months.Provide information on what you've done!

Youcan add any career or educational stuff, the more details the better.

FindThe Best Questions

Secret: looking for questions that have lots of followers andanswers. Click on every single questions to see the question then pay close attention how they are answering those questions and emulate the style.

For this purpose I chose

best way to make money online as an example.

AQuick Hack To See The Most Relevant Questions On Quora

Lookfor your profile and then make click on Ads Manager, don'tworry you're not going to run any ad... is just a quick hack to seethe most relevant questions to answer.

After make click on Ads Manager, you will see this page. Then click on new campaign.

You will see this page. Just write a name for you campaign can be MMO.

Then you need to make click on the blue button on continue...

Finally, you'll see the weekly views for each question!

From here you just need to make click on each question and analyze the most relevant answers to this questions and emulate what you see... reverse engerieng, then come back to your profile... and rinse and repeat for other keywords ideas.

Answering Questions

How Answering Questions?

  • Answer in a conversational style and use curiosity, use short sentences to make them easy to read. You can use images if you want.
  • Don't copy other answers.
  • Create a cachy answer with a implicit benefit.
  • People on Quora look for high quality answers (knowledge)
  • Answer 10 questions and in 1 answer insert a direct link. Also you can create a space and write questions and answer yourself, always following the steps mentioned above.
  • Example of direct link: If you want to know more about ____________make click here...

These kind of links must be placed at the end of the answer.

Thanks for taking the time to read this article :)


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Some fantastic information here Heidy... maybe you should make this a training my friend...

I'm glad you have found useful this information. Thanks for your recommendation!

You're very welcome my friend!

I have definitely bookmarked this one, Heidy! Well done and very informative!


I really appreciate your feedback :)

You're very welcome, my friend! This will be quite useful!


Could you give your example of the traffic obtained this way?

Sure... I will give an example about it!

Here's my content stats with just one post. People are really grateful when we provide quality information... Also, I received from Quora 3 request for answering! I've not do it yet because I wanted to test Quora system first, to share the information on WA.

Thank you!

Thank you for replying. But you wrote about site traffic generated with this. I do not see it here.

I'm uploading again:)

Thank you but you wrote about free traffic to your site. What you are showing are simply views within Quora.

How much traffic do you generate to your site?

these few views generated me this traffic :) I'm super happy cause there are hundred of post which sadly don't receive even views.

Thanks for asking,

This conversation may be annoying you, but I was trying to understand what you were saying. And I have a feeling that you simply misunderstood the meaning of those 46 views. This seems to follow from your statement "these few views generated me this traffic".

Views on Quora are not traffic to your site. You have 46 views there and this cannot possibly create "tons of traffic" as you said in your blog above. Percentage of people who would follow your link is very small. I doubt that anybody came to your site from these 46 views on Quora, but you should be able to see this in Google Analytics.

I have account there for more than 6 years and know that traffic from Quora is negligible so this way is ineffective. On the other hand if you have site with sales, such eventual visitors will not buy even if they come, because they are looking for information and not for purchase. Attracting such visitors may have sense if you are building an informative site and plan to monetize it with Mediavine ads or something similar.

What I am trying to say is that you might be wasting your time contributing to somebody's site (Quora) instead of writing content on your own site. It is better to collect those questions there and answer them in your own posts on your own site. There are tutorials by Partha here on this particular issue.

So this is all from me here, if I was annoying you, feel free to delete all what I added here. You have the small "v" sign on the right of my comments, just click and delete.

Thank you for your advice... I've already created my own site and I'm sending traffic to my promotions.

Not at all it wasn't annoying for me, because I just shared my own experience.

I hope you have a great day!

This is very informative and helpful. Thank you for posting.

Thanks to you for take the time to read this post!

Great resource, thank you.

My pleasure!

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Create Your Free Wealthy Affiliate Account Today!
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One Profit Ready Website
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