My First Week Progress Report

Last Update: February 15, 2015

My First Week Progress Report.

As much as I enjoyed sharing my experience with technology, the operating systems, the Internet and related subjects, I will tel you the small progress for the first week of belonging to WA.

Upon finding WA I thought of going through the tutorials and Affiliate Bootcamp as the first order of business and getting down to the nitty gritty of building websites and generating revenue.

The turn of events changed at once, when I realized that WA is so cohesive and addictive, that one can not ignore following the established pattern of camaraderie and mutual care that exists within.

Accordingly my projected task changed and I started to get the feeling of WA and sharing as much as I could with fellow members. The great gain reaped is the amount of knowledge gained by the experiences of others, which gave me solutions to problems that I had foreseen.

My progress basically consists of being at lesson 9 of Course 1 as the first order of business and at lesson 3 of the Associate Bootcamp. Part of my training includes also the webinars about How to Build A Niche Site.

I also consider progress the fact that my rank is now 521, up from a much higher number in rank upon joining. In order to remain active with my new community I will still interact but use a greater amount of time to start publishing my websites.

As a comment and expecting some feedback from you regarding my choice I'll share the plan the I have for those websites to be published.

I want to start with the siterubix sites and once I become more knowledgeable and adept in using the multiple tools available, then I'll get my own domains and publish my own sites. The area where I would like feedback has to do with page ranking for sites within siterubix and my own.

I assume my own site would get a higher ranking sooner than the other, am I on target here?

To cap it all, my first week has been wonderful and I fell elated and confident. Thanks to all of you for your support.

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DesShinnick Premium
Like you I am new and I have a question about the thought you have. If you do a siterubix site and don't buy the domain name does that not mean you can lose access to the name if someone else buys it. It seems to me the cost of buying the name is small and part of the experience. This is an enjoyable place to hang out.
Marith Premium
You can buy your domain name now, but you don't need to move your siterubix content to your domain until you are happy with it, or you can move it right away and start ranking. It is no rule for what's best, so just do what feels right for you
Marith Premium
Yes, a .com domain will rank much faster and higher than a siterubix subdomain. But the best is to start out with your siterubix, try, fail, experience and have fun. And when you are confident you are on the right track, get your own domain and start to earn money :-))
kennnyb Premium
Thank you for your help
pbar47 Premium
I know what you man about the community feel and the world of knowledge available here. When I first joined, I couldn't stop looking around at the wealth of information and interacting with the community. When I wrote my review about WA the only con I listed was "The distraction factor" There was so much ti look at here that I found it difficult to concentrate on my lessons. I too had to buckle down and get busy with the lessons. ( still do )
LornaAllen Premium
Well done Hector - your progress has been amazing and having such extensive technical background will no doubt help your journey - good luck to you!
hectoroliver Premium
?Thanks for the comment.