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Hello, All My Friend

I am Syaifan, from Indonesia, stay at Langsa and Medan, i want to be agreat with this bussiness and allnthe affilate,mwe must build and growth this bussiness together, with friendlyship, sense of belonging, relationship, tust, and leadership.

I am very like to follow the real bussiness like this, to amle money with tis program

I am and all friends and we are all affiliate need endorse and support for the best result performance to get the dreamy, lifestyle and financial freedom.
I am sorry and thank you for the leader and all friends

This TIPS for me and all friens ;

# 1 Tips on Approaching People - For some strange reason, many network marketers are scared to talk to people. The same people they would recommend a movie too, share their favorite restaurant, or recommend a certain gizmo to, they are scared to talk about their network marketing products or business opportunity. I'm really not sure WHY, but it is quite common in our industry.

As I see it, if you believe in what you have to offer, you won't have a problem with talking to people. Network marketing is not about selling, especially hard selling or traditional selling. Instead, it's about sharing your story with others in a low-key, non hype, and non pressure way. It's about referring and sharing, not selling and convincing.

The real key to success in network marketing is to be authentic, be natural, be genuine and make the other person feel comfortable. There are no magic words. If the products or business have helped you, you simply share your personal story with others.

Don't try to convince people. Accept that not everyone will be interested. Just sift and sort through people and treat everyone as well as you would treat your own child. Honesty, integrity, trust and respect will go a long ways.

# 2 Something You Should Know - There is no such thing as fast or easy money, especially in the business world. When you look online, especially on Facebook, you will see countless ads for pushbutton systems, fast money; your sponsor will do everything for you, automatic recruiting, and magic dust.

Truth be told, these type of ads make me sick. These ads appeal to people's desire to get something for nothing, or to get rich quick. In reality, you have to realize that anything worth accomplishing in life is going to take time, money and hard work.

I see so many people in our industry jumping from one shiny object to the next, month after month, year after year. Unfortunately, these folks seldom accomplish much. It's not until you pick something, make a commitment, do the work and stick with it, that you will see success.

To think that you can build a successful, long-term business is less than five to ten years is FOOLISH. Most successful entrepreneurs I've met (inside and outside of MLM) took at least five to ten years of hard work to make it to the top. Rome wasn't built in a day. There is no magic dust. There are no shortcuts to success.

Do what most people aren't willing to do and you will get what most people never get.

# 3 Chasing People - I want you to assume that you are a hiring director for a multi-billion dollar company. Your job is to interview candidates for high paying, six figure a year jobs. It's your job to screen applicants and find the best qualified people for your business.

Let me ask you something. If you set an interview with someone for a job opening and they stood you up, would you call them back? I doubt it. If you hired someone and they quit the company during their first month, would you keep calling them trying to convince them to come back and work for the company? I hope not.

To succeed in this industry you need to have the same mindset. Stop chasing people. Stop calling your team members who quit. Stop trying to convince someone to do something they aren't willing to do. You have your hands on something great. It's simply your job to FIND people who see the opportunity (in the products or the business). It's not your job to try and convince or bug someone to see what you see.

Have some posture and confidence. Don't be scared to "take it away." Don't be desperate or pushy. Act like a hiring director would.

# 4 Babysitting Your Team - I spent 15 years in the Army and on many occasions I felt like I was running an adult day care center. I've felt the same way many times in this industry.

I think it's important to understand human nature. People like to make excuses for their failures. Most people are naturally lazy and like to procrastinate. People like to whine, bitch, and complain. Most people like to get ready to get ready, but will never cross the starting line.

As a sponsor, your job is to set the example and pace for your team and to encourage others. It's not your job to convince people to do something with the business. If you spend all of your time babysitting people on your team, you will get annoyed, frustrated, tired and burnt out. Trust me, I've been there.

Your job is to work with the willing. It's a lot easier, and a lot more fun, to work with someone who actually has the work ethic and desire to build a business. You can only lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink. Don't become a babysitter in your business.

# 5 Best Prospects to Look for - Typically speaking, and yes there are some exceptions, I've found that the best prospects for your business are people who are already used to working on a commissioned based pay structure. This includes entrepreneurs, realtors, insurance agents, sales professionals, etc.

Yes, anyone can be successful in this industry. Yes, it's the inner desire that matters most. No, you shouldn't pre-judge people.

That being said, I truly believe that most people who have never owned a business before, or have never been paid strictly on performance, will be more skeptical and less productive than someone who is used to it. I've studied a lot of successful people in this industry and a LARGE percentage of them were entrepreneurs or commission based pay people PRIOR to network marketing.

Sure, there are exceptions to every rule. By all means, give EVERYONE a chance to say yes or no to the business. But always keep your eyes and ears open for that sales minded and entrepreneurial person. They're the person you are looking for.

# 6 Promoting Multiple Companies at Once - I've never met ANYONE who was successful promoting more than one MLM Company at a time. Are there people out there who have done this? Maybe. But, I can't name any. The truth is it takes a lot of focus, determination and hard work to build a successful business. Doing too much at once will be more of a distraction than a benefit.

If someone prospected me and told me they had two, three or four different network marketing companies to choose from, I would run the other direction. I say that because it would make me wonder why they couldn't commit to just one company.

If you have the desire to build two large downlines, build one first. After you have it built, by all means join a second company. But building two at one time is next to impossible to do. Heck, building one team is hard work.

# 7 Exposure, Skills, and Training - These really are the three most important words in network marketing. The person who exposes the business and products to the most amount of people is the winner. Combine your exposures with improving your skills and you have a winning one-two combination.

The best way to improve your skills is to PRACTICE every single day. Be out in the trenches and learn by on the job training. You can study how to do something until the cows come home, but until you actually go out there and apply it, you won't learn much.

Combine that with mentoring from your upline, reading books, listening to tapes and attending seminars and you will be good to go. Make it your goal in life to simply be better tomorrow than you were today. Get a little bit better every single day and do that for a period of years and you will completely transform yourself and your business.

As you improve your SKILLS, you will be able to make less exposures and have higher conversions. This is the ultimate goal.

# 8 Things We Can Learn from Those Amway Folks - Love them or hate them, Amway is the industry leader. No, I'm not in Amway, but I have tremendous respect for successful Amway distributors. There systems and company aren't perfect (no company is), but they do so many things right that we can all learn from. Here are a few things you should study about Amway.

First off, Amway is the best in the industry at creating a team culture. No other company else even comes close. They know how to create an environment where people will "stick" around until they make the decision to build the business. Many will stick around, even if they never build, simply because they enjoy the culture.

Their culture consists of books, tapes, functions, and mentorship.

Another great thing about Amway is the personal development. They taught me everything I know about personal development; especially goal setting, having a mentor and the power of positive association.

Blessing for all

Your Regards

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Syaifan Premium
1. 5.000usd per week
2. 5.000.000 USD
3. 6 hours per day
Carson Premium Plus
Great to see that you've added some goals Syaifan!

Working towards achieving these goals will happen as you take action on the lesson tasks here at WA. Ask questions when you have them, and take your time. This is not a race, and your time investment will have you up and running before you know it!

You're going to do just great!

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You have good business sense - you'll do well.
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