Nearly 2.5 Years Later. Update!

Last Update: March 14, 2018

I haven't posted an update on my progress in quite some time. I started these posts here to not only have something I could reflect back on but also to help any new members get a glimpse of what someone's real journey looks like.

I had zero experience with blogging, website building, SEO, affiliate marketing, etc before coming to WA. I had a passion for writing and an idea of what I wanted to do but had no idea where to start.

I spent more than I'm willing to admit on courses, ebooks, etc in the beginning... Reality is that brand new bloggers (just like me) are looking every day for proper training to help them get started... Sadly, not all those courses and ebooks have any value to them. I hate I spent so much on junk mostly.

Once I found WA, I never looked back and of course, I am still here! I see the value in the membership here and all you get for the price (which is amazingly low and affordable!) and will likely never leave...

So where am I today?

Nearly 2.5 years after starting my mommy blog, I am doing amazing.

My traffic is well over 100K a month and continues to grow.

I am making a very comfortable income from affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, and ADs.

I have a growing social media presence that I continue to focus on but more importantly, my search engine traffic is a majority of my visitors and that tells me all the training from WA and hard work I did on SEO has paid off big. I don't see the dips that come with having only social media traffic that other bloggers in my niche report. That's huge!

I finally launched my free mini ebook as my freebie for my email list and that has blown up overnight. I have thousands of subscribers and am actively learning to work that list to the fullest.

The best part? I still only work 10-15 hours a week. As a stay at home mom of three, that is all I could ever commit to. I knew success would come more slowly for me since I wasn't working my site full time but despite my limited time, I am still making more than I ever dreamed.

I said this in a past blog post but this is truly my dream. To be home with my children, have a thriving career that I control 100%, and make money doing something I LOVE.

I can see this continuing to grow and am very excited about what the next year will bring.

So thank you, WA for another amazing year!

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KRhiz Premium
Feeling inspired by your journey!
DianneBee Premium
That is so wonderful Heather! You are an inspiration!
HeatherGrace Premium
That's sweet of you to say, thank you!
ArjunUllaz Premium
Good to hear that. We almost started the journey with WA together. Good to hear from you for the success. This is just a beginning Heather. More to come
HeatherGrace Premium
Thank you! I hope you are finding success as well!
fiftarina Premium
Congrats, Heather!! I know you will reach this milestone very soon. This is the best gift WA has given to us as moms of littles. To be at home with the children, have a thriving business, all by doing something we love.
HeatherGrace Premium
Yes, Rina! I know you are finding the same and it is so wonderful!
OLAffiliate Premium
Congratulations! That's awesome. I'm just starting out in a niche that may not have a lot of monetizing products. Hopefully I will be able to at least bring more people to my blog if not for anything else but education. Best of success to you!
HeatherGrace Premium
There are plenty of ways to monetize outside of affiliate marketing. AD revenue has been my biggest source of income as of recent. So if you can bring in big traffic, you can still do quite well without selling anything.

Your own products are also something to explore. I am writing an ebook (slow going) but I am hoping to start selling that in the very near future as well. Best wishes!