One more milestone completed today for me - I went Premium, Yeah!

Last Update: May 17, 2017

On more milestone for me today I went premium

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PMindra Premium
Congratulations on going premium, Glenys.
Next step is to go yearly and save a lot of money.

Monthly: $49.00/mnth = $5880.00 yearly
Yearly = $359.00 = savings of $229.00

$229.00 buys a lot of domains and other tools that you may want later on.

If you are interested, I can show you how to make your membership completely free by using the 25 free Siterubix domains that you have.

This way your education is stress free.


Happy2Learn Premium
HI Paul,
Thanks for that.
What to do with the 25 siteRubix domains... hmmm I am curious, please tell me more.
PMindra Premium
Hi, Glenys.
Are you aware that more than 40 percent of Small Business and Independent Contractors (Sales agents, insurance agents, etc) do not have a website.

One of the reasons is their mindset that it is too expensive.

Now most of these people are not necessarily looking for page 1 rankings on Google. They just want to have a website on their business card.

I used this to my advantage because I never like to be in a negative cash flow situation in anything that I do.

As soon as I was able to put together websites on the fly, I approached some of these businesses and people and 'made them an offer they could not refuse.' LOL.

All they had to do was to provide me with 'About Them' information and whatever information they wanted to display on their site.

For example, an Insurance agent that works with big company xyz has the company xyz website on it. It's not very personal. So move forward, I design a personal site for him/her listing all his/her services with a much more personal touch.

I charge a basic fee (let's say $20.00/month) for a 'basic' site and host the site at siterubix. (By the way, you can in fact get a 'siterubix' site to page 1 of google. I did it in 2017 with an information site that was able to collect over 2,000 names which I will use in other projects when the timing is right.

Now if you even get a handful of these, you are in positive cash flow for your education here. With the tuition monkey off of your back, you can now truly focus on the learning, sharing, serving and earning.

It's not for everyone and does require a little bit of effort. I think you get where I am coming from though.

No excuses for, "I'm leaving WA because I can't afford it,' or I'm leaving WA because it does not work,'

Shine Brilliant, Glenys.

Happy2Learn Premium
Hi Paul,
Thanks for sharing such a great an innovative tip with me. I have not done this as yet. I have been thinking about it though.
I really like your idea. How many pages do you charge for a "basic site?"
I will definitely think about your idea some more.
Thanks for sharing it with me.
Thanks for reaching out and introducing yourself to me as well. I can see that it was blessing.
PMindra Premium
Hi Glenys.
I merely gave you an idea.

What you charge and what you want to do with my idea is up to you. I do not give official advice..

Do me a favour. If you are not following DomW, please consider it.

Here is his profile:

He has been here since 2012 and by 2017 , he is is the seven figure range.

How does he do it?


Get back to me if you do not understand.

Peace and love, Glenys

Happy2Learn Premium
Cool. Thanks for that. Will do. Cheers
Happy2Learn Premium
Thank you
Sylvain34 Premium
Well done. I've done it a few days ago and it's going to help you a lot. Don't hesitate to ask any help on the chat, there is almost someone ;-)