What Do You Do On A Bad Day?

Last Update: July 17, 2014

As we all know we have good days when we feel like were on fire and we have bad days like we just feel like chucking it all in.

On these days I don't know if I can make it work, I get confused and don't know what to do first. My problem is not knowing what to do on a bad day

So what do you do?

How do you get over it?

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CathyS Premium
Well - I ask myself a few questions ... #1: "When I worked for (fill in the blank) and had a bad day, did I stay home or did I get up and go to work?" Answer: Went to work. #2: "When I worked for (fill in the blank) and was having a bad day at work, what did I do?" Answer: Refocus and continue working. #3: "Now that I work for myself, will I treat my business as well as I treated theirs, or, will I just "have a bad day" and throw in the towel?" Answer: Treat my business even better than I treated their business. Result: Take a break, clear the spider webs, grab a beverage, shake it off and refocus. When I compare my business ethics while working for myself to those of when I worked for somebody else ... it always brings me to where I need to be. Hope this helps and God Bless! ~Cathy
RickBell57 Premium
You have to get up and walk away. Most the time it is detrimental to remain seated at the computer with your mind gone. :)
Just walking out for fresh air makes a huge difference. Like there is a big wonderful world going on and we forget.
For me after 8 hours of this I am cooked! Stick a fork in me.

When nothing seems to work out we only feel that it hasn't mostly, work gets done, just not much. And we feel disappointed. So you get up, dust yourself off and say tomorrow will be better. And it is.

Pressing on is the worst thing you can do as our attention span is only for an hour or two at the most. After that your work outage slows to a crawl, and nothing gets done. Trust me...I hit this threshold almost every day and have to make myself leave the chair! Even my phone alarm going off every two hours doesn't stop me from trying to make something happen.

Jsanchez may be young and pretty and may have what it takes to linger another few hours at the computer. Me, not so much. :)

I don't recommend anyone sitting for more then 3 hours at a time, no matter how smart or tough you think you are. After 7 days in a row you are going to get weary.

Anyway, my thinking about throwing in the towel only happens every other day now instead of every day! :)
necopam Premium
I tell myself. if this is bad it can probably only get better lopl
BenORourke Premium
I try to stay focused after taking a complete break and getting back to nature and the offline world for a while.
jsanchez1220 Premium
I just press on and remind myself why I am doing this.
jsanchez1220 Premium
I take breaks lol. I need to take more I know.