The Best 2$ Ever!

Last Update: July 11, 2018

My website's been 2 1/2 months..

It's my website I created from learning the OEC - which I am not quite done yet.

I do understand.. I still need to do a lot of learning, especially monetizing my site..

I know I have to be patient, I understand.. And I'm willing to wait..

Then, today, checking my amazon associate account..

Total earnings from commission : 2$

Was I surprised?? HELL YAH!!

Was I happy? I WAS ECSTATIC!!

Someone bought something.. Someone believed in me!!

Wow!! This is the best 2$ I've ever received!!

My very first commission!!!

I guess, I'm doing the right thing here!


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SteveHawley Premium
That's fantastic Hanna. Inspirational. Thanks.
AnthonyMLM Premium
That is exciting news especially in the new beginning stages..Congrats...
mbrinson10 Premium
My sight is right a week old, and I am anxiously waiting the day I get my first sale. I haven't even registered with an affiliate yet (following Kyle's training to a T). Congrats on your first commission. Hope you get many, many more!!
Sammy-B Premium
That's absolutely fantastic, Hanna! What a great achievement. And this is just the beginning...
merlynmac Premium
I totally get your build your site and, in the background, you're wondering "will this really work? am I nuts for doing this? etc.. When that first proof of concept $$ happens, you're like "that right xxxxx! I did that! BOOM!" and so on.

Congratulations and keep it up!
HannaC Premium