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I am really excited to share this to all WA friends!This is such a wonderful and great moment for me.Awhile ago, I tried checking out how my posts are doing in the Site Rank (in Jaaxy). I wasn`t expecting first page, but just to see - I was just curious.Then, I was very SURPRISED to see this:I wrote this post just 2 weeks ago and it made it to the TOP!!FIRST PAGE IN GOOGLE in the #1 POSITION!You see, my website is fairly new, 8 months. And it has only been about 3 months that I have been consis
I just received a badge today - 1-YEAR!Wow, it`s been a year since i learned all about this platform - WA!What can I say? What have I learned?To tell you honestly - lots!I have learned so much from all the training, the tools, and from the whole community!You see, last year, I met some people and kept talking about affiliate marketing. Well, this is something new to me, sort of "out of my league" - kinda thing!So I researched out of curiosity - even ended signing-up in one affiliate platform.
April 21, 2019
It is a beautiful sunday and it sure is a beautiful day to celebrate Easter!Easter in my culture is actually huge! We celebrate with family and relatives with a very happy heart within our midst. For us, this is a celebration of HOPE. Our Chirst has risen!This is huge in my faith because this means that whatever problems we have, even as big as the mountains, will eventually have answers! Our burdens will be lighter!And all the hardships we have will eventually be rewarded!This is what I fee
Hi WA friends!I have a facebook page that needs friends.. Hope you help me and be my friend?Here`s my facebook: forward to be your friend?All the best!HannaC
Honestly, i thought i was here long time ago.. lol!I just realized, i`ve only been here for 3 months. Probably because i have learned so much from this platform. My first website is up and running, and now currently started my bootcamp training and creating my WA-affiliated website.Do you know that i "seriously" started my online business education at WA?I am so proud of myself for doing the trainings and be on it!BUT - i`ve been sidetracked at some point.. i didn`t realize that the "ONLINE WO
July 11, 2018
My website's been 2 1/2 months.. It's my website I created from learning the OEC - which I am not quite done yet. I do understand.. I still need to do a lot of learning, especially monetizing my site.. I know I have to be patient, I understand.. And I'm willing to wait.. Then, today, checking my amazon associate account.. Total earnings from commission : 2$Was I surprised?? HELL YAH!! Was I happy? I WAS ECSTATIC!! Someone bought something.. Someone believed in me!! Wow!! This is the best 2$ I'v
July 01, 2018
This is a beautiful day to celebrate!It`s been 2 months for me at WA, and i am just so happy for so many accomplishments:I`ve created my very first website (which i mostly learned from the trainings)..I`ve learned social engagements ( I only knew Facebook before, now, i have Pinterest, Tweeter, and Google+ accounts!!)I`ve learned about affiliate marketing (not whole of it though, still lots to learn).I`m done with Level 4 of the OEC! But honestly, i`m pretty much done with the training.. i just
This is amazing!It`s only been a month.. trying to focus on my CONTENT writing.. I really have been trying to figure out using the right keywords which sometimes i am not sure if they will work.. But i just wrote articles and published them.Trying to follow what i have learned so far.... and to my surprise.. i must be doing the right thing!I have 5 posts which got indexed on google!! Almost half of the total number of my posts I have so far..That really feels good:)
May 28, 2018
It`s one month today with WA.. and i pray to continue in many more months and years to come..I would like to share what i have accomplished so far:I learned about "niche", which is the most important thing..I learned how to build a website (which i am so proud of myself)I learned how to use keyword rich contentsUnderstanding trafficUnderstanding the money making ideas in this business..Social engagements( wow! google+, pinterest, tweets, etc)Understanding the success of my website through good
I am really very excited!I came to know about WA when i was reading a blog about reviews on several websites about affiliate marketing. I was actually already a member of another site and was just reading about its reviews, because, i was not sure if it was the site i was looking for. In other words, i was not happy about it.So, the review was about the site i joined, and WA. Hmm.. Looks like a promising review.Anyway, to make the story short, i joined WA - and i was surprised, coz it exceeds