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Hello every body my name is George and I am married. My wife's name is Geraldine. We have five children all of whose names begin with the letter G. Two of them are already married.

I am living in the tri-island state of Grenada, Carriacou, and Petite Martinique. I reside on the unspoiled island, Car-ria-cou, which is separated from the other two islands by beautiful blue seas. This island has a population of about 5000 to 8000.

For years I have been sharing biblical truths that have and will change people`s life for the better. No, I would not exchange it for anything - It is my calling in life. You can hear these truths on sister isle radio on 92.9 fm or online sisterisle every Wednesday night at eight o'clock. sometime a little later

My interest is also is in helping people to improve their health and remain in health. For this reason I have been involved in the promotion of natural and herbal products, such as the drinking the right kind of water which is the alkaline water instead of acidic water.

I have also been involve in promotional radio talks for these products practically on all the radio stations in the tri-island state. Within the years 2009 to 2013 I was diligent to inform people of what these products will do for them.

There has always been a desire within me to be involved in the internet marketing business and I am determined to get into it. I must say that the word wealth is what attracted me to this site, wealthy Affiliate, because I believe in wealth,
Wealth is in you!

Deuteronomy 8:18,'But thou shalt remember the LORD thy God: for it is he that giveth thee power to get wealth, that he may establish his covenant which he sware unto thy fathers, as it is this day.'

I also love to associate and learn from like minded people. That's it for now. I hope to meet or hear from you soon.

Thank you
If there are any questions or comments feel free to contact me

My Testimony
I was born in Carriacou, I got three sisters am the only boy we all lawfully born and grew up together . My father was name was Aaron who died some year ago..Now he went to England to help the family and sure he support us well , and can not forget those toys and small suites for me and the dresses for my sisters it was a good feel .

My mother whose name was Theodora went to England to meet my dad so i really grew up with my grand mother whose name was Ruthan Billy ,I remember when i was at the age of 12-14 playing by my neighbor the unpleasant news came GEORGE YOur MOTHER IS DEAD I was shock and all playing was over and i left for home
What is wrong with George?

In grow up I was very active and agile, I uses to run around with such speed that my grandmother was afraid for me she uses to say Am not going to give you any ferrol compound any more, some time I may do thing that was wrong then my grand mother (Tanan) would call me to beat me and I will run and she would sent my two bigger sister to catch me but as they hang on to me to bring me it was as tagawar they cont bring me , I had some strength
As I grew in years as a teenager I had good time at school but I begun to feel sick, my grandmother try her best for me to get well In her earnest desire she took me to a man living BELVIEW SOUTH , THIS MAN BEGIN CHANT SPEAKING IN tongue or another language then he gave my grand mother a bottle of liquid for me to drink and a purse called a guide for me to put on . well I drank the drink often time but still feeling sick and I am getting worse when my grandmother observe what was happening with the advise of other she brought me to the Doctor for a medical examination, upon the examination they found out that i had TB ( trubacolosis)

The only altunitive is to go to Grenada .and there I went in the sanitarium at Richman Hill .there I stay for about nine months, I was given a bed where my foot was elevated in other words I was lying in a slanting position with my head lower, guess that was to help drain the fluid out of my lungs.

While been there i can see now the the protection of God on my life for example because the prison was close, prisoner used to come and chart with us and then they will show us stuff (ejaculated) if you are one who is doing this thing exciting yoursley sexually and or with toys friend this is wrong you need to be delivered from sexual bondage. ...... be set free in Jesus`s NAME also recall when I upstairs and touch the high tension wire with my bare hands and I did not get electrocute yes I felt a surge of electricity goes through my body, yes friends this was GOD PROTECTING me He has a plan for me I am working with the planis, God`s plan is to do you good and not evil says God.

To those of you in authority please keep a kin helpful eye for the children please take nothing for granted you may have some questions such as why is that person been so frequently amount these yourth what kind of conversation are they involve in. Let every plan of the enemy towards your life be a failure now..

In sickness seek God

Being in the hospital there was improvement I my health. well eventually I got well. I was release and sent back to my home Carriacou; when I arrived within the hour I was brought to see that man who gave me the guide and the liquid to drink when that man saw me he was shock and ran, literally ran ???? for what ever the reason/s.
Many years when I return to carriacou to work as a pastor this young lady who is the man cousin came into the church building to see if it was me indeed she said I didn't come to. Join church but to. See if this is George. note .Only God knows what evil plan they had for me..

Now realize this when. people are in need and. want help even for others they will seek for it but in seeking they eventually go to the wrong places .....such was my grand mother guess she did not know a better place; please avoid going to the witch doctor and such delvelish places; the devil is a deciever, his purpose is to kill. Steal and distroy; would you like to have a friend like that.?

2 Ch 16 :12 says And Asa in the thirty and ninth year of his reign was diseased in his feet until his disease was exceeding great: yet in his disease he sought not to the LORD , but to the physicians. The idea here is when a person is sick weather is a king , president or ordinary people we should seek God you will find God if you seek him don't seek the obaiah man or the witch doctor.Do you realized that it is God that made the human body and since He made it He can fix it healing restore it.

For a while life seem to be going oK I had three desires and they were One to have a good job, two to dressed well and three to have fair skin wife , that was the vision I had , note well God was not included in my desire but in all planning and desires God must be included if you are going to be successful "except the Lord build the house they labor in vain that build it (PS 127:1&2 )

Then for a while I seem to enjoy good health but then I was attack with asthma once they rush me. to the hospital and there I stay for some days on a particular day a lady who were visiting the hospital came to my bed side and out of the many thing she said were " son milk and honey awaits you and she said when you come out of the hospital come and visit me she was speaking faith for me when she. said When you come out..........hope maketh not ashamed.........

So indeed I was discharge from the hospital and went home and started visiting the lady she showed concern for me; would give me fish broth', talk about God then on this particular day I left her home then on the road in Belview south I called. upon the Lord and said Lord Jesus come into my heart and be my everything woooooo!

When I said those words I felt heaven protection, my life was Change Jesus was living in me and I then noticed the thing I had love doing I hate then and now and the thing I hate or to say I was not interested in I now love. eg like to read the Bible. go to assemble myself with believers. ;praying, sharing Jesus.

Friends it is written whosoever call on the NAME of the shall be save. The same grace that was on me to call on Jesus rest on your so you too would do like me, call on Jesus,, be save today ......salvation is for all.....Be save today.( Acts !6:30-31)

Remember I got saved walling on the road I went to the Catholic church, - all my life that is where our parent directed us as children, as I sat there- what ever the priest was saying meant nothing to me I was hungry I needed spiritual food I was hungry. 1 Peter 2:2 New International Version (NIV)
2 Like newborn babies, crave pure spiritual milk, so that by it you may grow up in your salvation,

So I prayed to The Lord God to direct me to right church so I begin to visit various churches that I knew in the land, churches such as the baptist ,the evangelical but never felt content to stay but the moment I entered the door of The Pentecostal church in Carriacou know as Glad Tidings Assemble I can hear God saying son this is where I want you. so I remain and was spiritually fed by Pastor Cecil Fritz and by other means.

The call

During those years how I wish we could assemble our self five days per week because i was hungry.so I began to spiritually grow .I remember my first massage I preached in youth meeting it was entitled... Four things to remember.and I preached also in the open air for the youth group on Mark 10 that was power pak the anointing came upon me and i preach powerfully, even at home I would climb on the plumb tree eat plumbs and then preach preaching to the bushes LOL

One day while taking care of my sheep in the pasture A voice said to me
"why not ask the Lord to help you go in to bible school. Now I can say it the voice of the of the Holy Spirit or the angel of the Lord. Bible school is just a training ground to prepare one fo fulfill the call just as any other career in life one need training to fulfill the call ,To be in the five fold ministry was i definite call from God on my life

So I pray and ask God for help to go to bible school so after three years I went off to bible School left my job Was working part time with cable and wireless now LIME, I did not have in hand the tuition i need for school but God used someone to pay off my first term while i was in school and so He continue to provide until I finish school , while in school for three years they took me to a doctor they heard what sickness I had )the doctor said every thing is alright but you know you Pentecostal preachers you cant preached that long least you co-laps, well for these 33 plus years I have been preaching and never collapse and have no intention to.

Finding a good thing

After graduation from bible school (W I S T) I went to the Commonwealth of Dominica to start my pastorate in St . Joseph I was place in a small church seeing the village I experience a culture shock knowing that I had just came from Trinidad, nevertheless I was warmly received by the brother and sisters in Christ.; as the months roll on I got attracted to a young lady from the church,

Remmber I went there single I made my proposal and there was a yes ! Yes! fro the young lady woo is now my wife .There are some things more that added to the attraction when I went at her mother-s home unexpectedly I noticed the she was dress for the occasion I even ask her if she going out she said no can forget the nice outfit ; her long well done hair won my admiration ; She would go the the hair salon every two weeks. Yet above all I found her to love the Lord God and that is the bottom line.All in all i had to pray for God`s direction in find a wife and indeed He did.
Well when were preparing for marriage we set 10. Least of does and don't these were to help us to have a successful courtship period and to let you know that we stock with it...... So we finally decide to get married after six month 1982 June 26th
Pro 18:22 Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favour of the LORD .

Another pastorate.

After spending three years in Dominica I left and come to Grenada .my wife left behind she gave birth to our first son Junior I was Place' in a pastorate in Vincennes St David then later on my wife join me. We stayed seven years there during this time my wife have another baby boy and our first girl, l we had such glorious time in the presents of Jesus and at the same time we had to do a lot of spiritual battle and I never envision living that pastorate.

Present pastorate

I have never dream of leaving Vincennes but by the Providence of God I left and came to CARRIACOU in the year 1991 January 1st.....the places I was born so I was place in the church where I grew up as spiritual baby.. Glad tiding assembly..... When I used to attend the Hillsborough Govt school around 10-12 years I saw when the foundations of the church was laid as children we begin to inquire about what are they doing they are building a church yea well at time if someone had told me that I George M. Guy Guy58 would be the pastor of that church I might of laugh them to scorn well am fulfilling God's purpose for my life Well realize this am Pastoring this very church and from 1991 to 2016. How many years? pleas do the maths..

So I declare for you now that you will fulfilled the purpose of God for you life;.
the angel of God move every wall or barrier or bondage that is set up to hinder you
So been here my wife gave birth to two children so been here I finally have
a boy and girl child that count has given use five children........ bless is the man that have his quiver full of them ....a quiver mean five .At same time this is some natural thing i am involve into help improve people health such as producing Alkaline water and selling herbal products The Gap pill is one of my favorite product.

The living God has continued to show his goodness to me The. Lord is good and his mercies endure for ever. trust him He will do great things for you too..
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