Need your help guys....again.

Last Update: January 19, 2013
I want to share with you my problem. I deal with Affiliate Marketing over 3 years, but I can not seem to crack it. I'm doing something wrong and I do not know what it is. Currently I have 5 websites built on good keywords., But no one is rated in Google. one of them was on the first page but disappeared. I'm very frustrated and do not know what to do next. I would love if someone would examine them and give me his opinion. Where am I wrong and what I need to do next,because it's driving me crazy. I do SEO and connected to the WSS on G+ and makes good content on the site but still no progress. I hope someone can help me and point me to the right track.
Thanks and have a great week.
p.s-You can find my sites on my profile page.
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Focus more time on content and traffic on a single website. If that proves to be highly successful, duplicate that for the other websites. Maybe do a Google search on how to rank on the first page of Google. Things have changed since the Panda and Penguin updates, maybe make some new changes?
Shawn Martin Premium
I have not looked at your sites yet, because, like Kyle, I think your problem may lie in the 5 sites area. I too am guilty of doing this, so I parked everything but a local site and my main niche I want to make work. It has made a difference.
Some very good advice given by the other people commenting here. Try focusing on one site, get that successful and then duplicate what you have done. Best wishes!
nathaniell Premium
...sent you a PM.
Kyle Premium
You just revealed your problem. You have 5 websites.

The only thing worse that focusing on one unsuccessful website is focusing on 5 of them. You only need ONE website to be very successful online and I think your lack of success is the result of a lack of focus.

Before you create a second site, you should understand how to make your first successful. This way you can reproduce your success.

So, my first suggestion to you is to focus on ONE of your websites. You may even want to consider starting fresh using the techniques you learn here because chances are good you may have some habits from the past and may have been misinformed on techniques that may actually negatively be affecting your campaigns.

You have help here through your journey, but I would first and foremost suggest that you start focusing on just one site.
traykor Premium
Guy, Kyles advice above is one that I would have wished I learned sooner. My IM didn't take off until I started narrowing my focus down to one site. I spent way to much time my first year building 14 sites or something like that and testing them against Google. If I could go back with what I know now, I would focus on one site only until it was organically successful.
guy0404 Premium
I guess you're right,I should focus on one.Now I have to choose which one :)
Kyle Premium
Choose the one that inspires you the most.