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Interested in earning money on the internet and learning how to do it successfully. I'm already an expert. DEFINITION: X=unknown; spert=a drip under pressure! Now I need some guidance.

Have been caught up in the hype a time or three (slow learner!!!) and have been introduced to concepts that are taught here. So, now I'll be able to learn and use them with the training given by Wealthy Affiliate and members in the forum.

Looking forward to learning from all of you and hopefully be able to give back in the near future.
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Thank you for the follow-back! Best wishes for your success!
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I'm already an expert. DEFINITION: X=unknown; spert=a drip under pressure!

Don't give up. As Henry David Thoreau said eloquently, “ If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.”
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Go to the OPen chat, the wabinar ID and Link are there right now!
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When the butterflies wings are dry but before they are ready to fly, I grasp the wings and stick the tag on. The tags are about 3/8 inch round paper and printed with a special tracking number. There is special stickum to make the tag stick to the wing. There is a particular place to put them that doesn't interfere with flying.
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Welcome Back.
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Thanks! Just added you to my buddy list. Training Lab's and tagging butterflies. Quite diverse in your hobbies. I'm curious as to how you tag a butterfly, may be explained on your squidoo lens.