How Google Spider Sees Your Site.

Last Update: April 27, 2013
Hi guys

I want to share with you a cool site, Which is a Spider Simulation and Keyword Analysis Tool,Where you can see how Google spiders sees our sites.
Which is great because we can see how it looks in SEO terms,cause you see all the tags and the keyword density and the kind of links you have,So if you did any mistake you can fix it,

The site has some more great tools like site ranking and website cloaking.
Here is the link so you can go and check it :

Have Fun
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Salem Premium
While my main results comes up fine, I also get a 404 error when I click on "some" of the links shown on the results page. Interesting and thanks.
Sherion Premium
Thanks for link! It seems interesting. I will try it.
Tom S. Premium
Thank you for sharing this information.
Never mind, tried it again and it worked fine. Many thanks.
Thanks, I tried this and all I get is a 404 Error. Would you know why?