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Last Update: July 27, 2015

I just wanted to share my decision to go yearly with the WA community. Actually it was a no brainer for me. I know for some, perhaps many, it may not be an affordable choice at this time... but perhaps instead of asking, can I afford to go Yearly? ... the question should be, can I afford not to go Yearly?

The way I see it, WA is far superior to any other platform when it comes to training, support, website services, inspiration and motivation. If you are committed to making an online business your career then WA is a must have to get competitive and to remain competitive.

The amount of information, help and motivation WA offers is staggering and to get all that at the yearly price of < $1 per day is an incredible value. If you can find a way to do the Yearly upgrade I recommend it strongly. It will free your mind from deciding (or not) to make next months payment and let you concentrate on creating your business.

Remember, one of the biggest reasons people new to online marketing fail is they quit too soon. In my view, if you upgrade to yearly you are committing for at least the next year to your online success. You can make money online if you give yourself a chance.

Best of luck to everyone here and a big thanks to the countless members who unselfishly lend their time and expertise to helping others with answering questions, posting tips and providing training tutorials, videos and so on.

And of course a special thanks to Kyle and Carson for creating this exciting platform.

Now back to my regularly scheduled activity...content, content, content & more content.

Best Regards,


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GlobalRosie Premium
Great decision! Your goal is well on it's way to achievement.
EKautz Premium
AWESOME! Total commitment that's great!

Robert-A Premium
Well done you. Commitment is a big part of internet marketing.
No overnight successes unless you are very very lucky and have deep pockets.
Have a great day.
JewelCarol Premium
Congrats on going yearly, Gregory!! It is a wise decision. :))
EKautz Premium
Congrats on going yearly Gregory!

And yes - content, content, content ... and more content.