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Last Update: December 21, 2016

To start off with I want to note that I have specifically kept this post general as I am not referring to any one person in particular when I use "we",

While I believe that perseverance is a major aspect of being successful, I also believe that sometimes when things are not "happening" the way I want and at the pace I want, it is good to take a step back and go with the flow.

There are constant reminders here in this forum and elsewhere which in one way or another tell or remind us not to give up, to try harder, to read this, check that out... I sometimes make the mistake of allowing this to lead me into a state of overwhelm which then actually tires me out some.

Then there are the success stories of others who I and others may compare ourselves to, and if we think we are not doing as well as they are, some of us might get despondent, envious, or maybe in an extreme case just give up. Happy to say I have not reached that stage and actually don't intend to :)

As has been said many times before, anything worth doing does take time. So for all of us out there who may be feeling a little down because things are seemingly not happening fast enough, take courage.... Things happen at the right time.

Pushing ourselves is good to get out and stay out of our comfort zones, but there needs to be some balance. If there is no enjoyment and passion involved ( for the moment ) maybe take a break and listen to the inner voice - the guidance it will give you is very valuable.

And just like a garden, you need to keep weeding it, caring for the plants, feeding them before you see the beautiful results.

Have a break if you need it, go out and smell the roses (AGAIN : - this is just for Step, who so loves that exercise :) ), treat yourself to something nice but don't give up and please please please don't compare yourself to others.

We may be one but at the same time we are all unique sparks of that oneness.

In Joy


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brooksbode90 Premium
That's quite a profound and true to life post, I really enjoy the read; the message shows your strong sense of understanding of others and their circumstances, and I love your pictures and advice. Thank you Vee.
greenvee Premium
Thank you dear. Being a true scorpion I can not but be profound :) :).
So glad you enjoyed the post and got something out of it.
MKearns Premium
Unique pics and great message!
greenvee Premium
Thanks Mike. I value your thoughts, always
Tezsie Premium
What Adam said and I love the picture of the palm tree forest!. Never knew they came in forests.
greenvee Premium
Neither did I.
adamnjames Premium
couldn't agree more
paulgoodwin Premium
Wonderful pictures and thank you so much
greenvee Premium
most welcome Paul