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March 07, 2017
Just when I was thinking that it is taking too much effort it seemed to happen overnight ...Was a nice feeling when I checked in this morning but I am also well aware of the dangers of measuring my worth by a figure above or below the 100 mark. So I will enjoy it for the NOW.Vee
March 06, 2017
Pushing ourselves and striving have their time and place as does taking time to go within and find some peace.Have a great dayVee
Contrary to what many believe, lemons and other citrus fruit are good for us despite their acid content. Not only because of the vitamin c but also because of their ability to neutralise acids in the stomach. Please note that I said stomach. Citrus fruit are harmful to our dental health if kept in the mouth too long. In our stomach they however neutralise acids, making our pH levels more alkaline. Drinking a glass of warm water with a few drops of lemon juice in the morning on an empty s
Planning and taking a weekly/monthly ME DAY.Life can be exciting, adventurous, frustrating, rewarding, challenging and any number of other adjectives. When you are an entrepreneur many of these carry more weight. This alone is a reason why as an entrepreneur it is of utmost importance to plan time for yourself despite or rather in spite of a sometimes busy schedule. Many of us are very ambitious and constantly and consistently set ourselves new goals. This is in itself great.It only becomes som
February 24, 2017
Oil Pulling is a very old ayurvedic practice. There are several health benefits associated with practicing this on a regular basis. By pulling oil on an empty stomach you get rid of the toxins which have accumulated in your mouth overnight.The antibacterial and antifungal properties of coconut oil make it great for this. Oil Pulling improves both oral and general health.This is also a great way to integrate the use of coconut oil into your life. See Day 6 adopting New Habits
February 23, 2017
I would like to suggest a (new) habit today which is extremely rewarding: Performing Random Acts of Kindness. I find when these acts of kindness are not planned but spontaneous they really bring joy. Of course they can be planned too - you might like to try out both and see if there is a difference for you. In the end I don't think it really matters.What is important is the joy that it gives someone when they receive an act of kindness they did not expect. You can see how it lights up their fac
February 22, 2017
Do you eat dates? Do you like them?if you answered NO to either question here are a couple to reasons to consider incorporating them into your diet. Apparently eating as few as three dates on a daily basis is enough to show many health improvements.As you may know brown foods are generally considered beneficial for our digestive system. Dates are no exception. They are high in digestion enhancing fibre as well as minerals and vitamins.1. Improves digestion - Dates are a good source of insolubl
February 21, 2017
Things I can do to make the world a better place.We all have the power to change the world. Not a vast scale and not immediately, but we can all make a contribution, no matter how small.I would like to share one of the habits I have. Tithing is one of them which I wrote about a few days back. But there are so many ways we can make a difference. Here are few:1. Rather than waiting or complaining about something which bothers you why not think about a way to change it.2. What about reducing the
February 20, 2017
Non-Toxic Products Have you ever looked at or thought about how many toxic cleaning or self care products you have/use daily? I myself did not realise how many until a friend pointed it out to me. Not only are we harming the environment but also causing harm to ourselves. If you would like to do something about this here is a habit you might like to adopt.Check which products you have/use which are harmful (ie toxic). Make a list of them. Whenever one of these products runs out just replace it
February 19, 2017
Integrating Coconut Oil into your daily lifeWhy all the recent fuss about coconut oil when it was being put down some years back? Quite simple, it has been recognised as one of the superfoods it really is. There is now enough evidence to show that it does benefit us in many ways. Not only that, every single part of the coconut tree can be used, whether for food, for furniture making, for plants, decorations, for energy, ....none of it goes to waste.The Green Coconut - One of five different type