Day 12 Adopting New Habits

Last Update: March 01, 2017

Planning and taking a weekly/monthly ME DAY.

Life can be exciting, adventurous, frustrating, rewarding, challenging and any number of other adjectives. When you are an entrepreneur many of these carry more weight.

This alone is a reason why as an entrepreneur it is of utmost importance to plan time for yourself despite or rather in spite of a sometimes busy schedule. Many of us are very ambitious and constantly and consistently set ourselves new goals. This is in itself great.

It only becomes something to be aware of when we forget ourselves; when we forget why we are actually setting the goals in the first place.

For this and other reasons I would like to suggest adopting a habit of taking time for yourself on a regular basis.

I am not referring to the spontaneous bouts of time out but a time which is scheduled on a regular basis - ME TIME!

Decide when you will take this time out and plan in advance. Here are some questions to help you decide what the framework of your ME TIME is going to look like:

When will I take my time out?

How often will I take my ME TIME?

What will I do, how will I spend the time?

Who do I need to tell in advance so that I will not be disturbed?

Do I feel guilty about taking my ME TIME? Why?

What else do I need to bear in mind to make my ME TIME enjoyable, effective, enjoyable and rewarding?

There might be other questions you need to clarify for yourself in advance so you can take your ME TIME in peace, with no feelings of guilt or anything else.

I guess most of us know or can imagine how it feels after you have had a well earned planned break - your batteries are recharged, you have a boost in energy, you feel more motivated and are less stressed. The benefits to your health are immense.

I have the habit of putting $5 into a jar at the end of every day (if I have one or more in my purse). However much is in there at the end of the month I use this for me ME DAY. It is a fun way of saving for it, and I really look forward to planning and enjoying my day.

Do you take time out for yourself on a regular basis? Why not? If you do, how do you feel afterwards?

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tinkann Premium
Very good reminder (point)
lynnsam61 Premium
I love to play competitive tennis and have scheduled time once or twice a week. I find it energizes me and I look forward to it.
Me time is very important I agree.

greenvee Premium
Thanks Erica, keeps us looking and feeling good :)
AGOgden Premium
Greenvee...all of us deserve some "me" time just to hang on to "who" we are!...good stuff...
greenvee Premium
Thank you Arthur. That is a nice way to put it.
WaynePro Premium
Great time is important for all of us. Thanks

greenvee Premium
Welcome my dear.
Labman Premium
All of my time is me time.
greenvee Premium
I like that.... and it is true too. We choose though to spend or invest most of that me time to other things/people in life - also good to be reminded of what you wrote. thank you