Get Your Priorities Straight!

Last Update: February 27, 2016

I've read a lot of posts over time about going Premium in WA. Some will say, "I'd starve to death if I went Premium right now." Or, "That's a stretch to my budget."

Well I thought the same thing when I started. And one of the great things about WA is being able to get started in this internet arena without putting money up front. You get to "get your feet wet" before diving in!

After lying awake during one of my many sleepless nights a realization came to me. Here I was, wanting to get my new life underway and desperately wanting to realize a new found income on line, but not taking advantage of what was being offered to me. I knew that access to more education, one-on-one help, community support and just the overall access to more of everything at WA would expedite my goals. But, I was letting truly a small amount of money stop me. I DEFINITELY did not have my priorities straight!

I made it an easy decision by making a minute change in priorities. And I mean MINUTE. And I'm confident that probably everyone out there that frets over the extra money going out each month could do the same and not realize that they can.

I had a bad habit, (to me it was a good one) of buying myself a nice cold coke at some point during the day when I took a break from my house rehabbing. "Ok", I thought. "Do I want my Coke each day (and this is besides the stock I had in my fridge at home, mind you), "or would I rather rocket my monthly income in a much faster fashion?" Duh.....

The Coke each day including tax was a $1.69 and over 30 days cost me $50.70. I simply waited until I got home and enjoyed my reward of refreshment and immediately went Premium with WA. A no brainer.

A simple adjustment of Priorities. Do I miss my mid-day Coke? Maybe. Would I trade it for all the education, help and camaraderie here at WA? NEVER!!

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Very encouraging thanks! Mine is a problem of getting prepaid cards to link with my PayPal account. I have applied and the bank told me to check late next week. As soon as I get it iam going premium.
SandiT Premium
Hi Grant. Very well said. I also had to make some adjustments to afford premium membership but considering what the possible rewards are it was a no brainer. All the best to you!!....Sandy
MsMerry Premium
So well said! Nice job.
brooksbode90 Premium
I like your blog Grant. I think It's inspiring and very true to life.
NicholePaige Premium
This is so true. I, myself, hesitated to go premium for those very reasons. But when I made the decision I also made a promise to myself that I would give it a fair shot before giving up on it. I've made so much progress and have learned more here than I would have just trying it on my own.