Pandora's Box

Last Update: January 24, 2016

I think I am about to open a Pandora's Box.

I enjoy helping people. It's in my nature to help. I spent my career doing just that.

Something I have noticed is that folks at WA are at times reluctant to ask for help when they get stuck. Many of the questions I get come with a caveat saying something like "I'm sorry for imposing upon your time," or something along those lines. That's polite but unnecessary.

I agree that it takes time to answer questions but I want to assure everyone that your questions are always welcome.

Creating an online business isn't an easy task when first starting out. Sometimes it's darned right overwhelming. There is lots to learn if you are a novice.

I never had a mentor when I started my online business in 2004. I learned everything from scratch. Lots of trial and error. Ahem, mostly error.

WA is your opportunity to have the mentoring I never had. You can accomplish in months what took me years to achieve.

So here is my advice as a person who once was a newbie. Don't ever hesitate to ask questions. You will save yourself a ton of time.

Those of us who genuinely are here at WA to help don't mind answering questions. You are not imposing on our time.

Some experienced WA members are rather busy so be patient. Sometimes it could take 24 hours to get a response. Better to get a well thought out response in 24 hours than a less than useful response in 30 minutes.

I think when I joined WA, I saw something about having access to mentors in the WA network. I did manage to locate some great mentors who have helped me in my time of need.

It's okay to ask for help. We all get stuck. Even me. Shoot, I was at a loss when it came to creating a favicon. Marion Black came to my rescue and in 10 minutes I had my very own favicon for my website.

A wise man once said, "the only dumb question is the question that never gets asked."

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Ericabried Premium
I was shy to ask questions at first but when I got such an overwhelming response, I realized just how supportive this community really is.
grampamike Premium
That was one of the best things I liked about this community which is the support and encouragement I have received. Boy can I ask dumb questions.
RonAlderman Premium
Great thoughts. There are enough of us here to help answer questions that Pandora's box should be more than manageable. I often spend a considerable amount of time myself looking and researching for answers rather than asking a question.

So I will chime in to anyone who is new and say ask the questions, save yourself grief, and you will grow your business.
grampamike Premium
Hey, thank you for your comment. I'm sure folks new to WA will be reading this. One more echo of encouragement. Thanx.
Harrysastar2 Premium
Hi Mike, Pandora's Box, when she opened it didn't realize she would release all the troubles and evil on the world?
I certainly wouldn't put you, WA, and its members in that category, quite the reverse.
Always enjoy your blogs, keep them coming.
grampamike Premium
Howdy! I did look up the history of Pandora's Box before writing this post. You are quite correct.

In modern times, it would have been more appropriate to say, "opening a can of worms," meaning a whole lot of work for me when people realize they are free to ask questions.

I definitely opened a box, or can, or something. Yikes!
MisterWailor Premium
Nice post, asking question is so important. Me too make a lot of mistakes.
grampamike Premium
I found that my greatest mentor are my mistakes. I have learned so much.
Martstervt Premium
Thanks Grandpa Mike, This is so true and i appreciate you getting this out.

grampamike Premium
I got the sense that new folks to WA are a bit shy about asking questions. I was hoping to give reassurance that it's okay lean on someone who has had experience running an online business.

I hope this post helps.