6 Months In WA, what a journey

Last Update: May 08, 2017

Yay! I just earned a new badge this week with my 6 months in WA badge added to my collection.

It doesn't seem that long but the wealth of information I have built up in such a short time is awesome!

My site is running nicely with around 1200 pages viewed every month and growing.

I got my first WA payment this month too, £31.50 - Yay! Boom!

I also have some referrals for other affiliate links I have on my site.

9 people are currently trying the 14 day free trial on one of them from last 7 days, so fingers crossed they start using it fully.

So all in all, a very productive 6 months considering my limited availability with 2 babies and a full time job, lol, but seriously I feel I have made the best use of what spare time I have and kept my eye on the prize.

As soon as I have a quite 30 mins to a few hours its WA time!

I just want to take the opportunity to thank the entire community for all the AMAZING support you have all given me and great ideas you have shared daily. There is always more than I can use but I will utilise them all eventually :)

Have a wonderful week


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Loes Premium
1200 pageviews sound great to me, congrats!
GrahamHod Premium
Thanks Loes, appreciate it :)
reanna1 Premium
Well done!
GrahamHod Premium
Thanks Reanna :)
CLPeterson Premium
Nice !!!
MKearns Premium
Making great progress Graham. Congratulations!
GrahamHod Premium
Thanks Michael. Been an amazing 6 months :)
ContentBySue Premium
Congratulations, Graham.This is a great milestone and progress you can definitely be proud of. Onward to the next milestone.
GrahamHod Premium
Thanks Sue, onward and upwards :)