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August 11, 2017
Hi, can you well please welcome a good friend of mine, Madeleine, to our fantastic community. is interested in utilising our amazing platform to open many door to multiple income streams. You have definitely come to the right place for that. We have not only the best platform to unlock this, with continuously growing and adapting training but also a community of support like no other. Don't hesitate to ask questions they will always be answered.Have a fantas
July 11, 2017
Hi Everyone in my wonderful wealthy affiliate familySorry I have been out of action for the last 6 weeks. I have some real catching up to do.Few too many life impacts and my wife hasn't been well, my son smashed my laptop screen yet again :(But I didn't let that get me down I carried on my research and have some serious typing to do to get caught up.I also took a few weeks out to set up an MLM business that I stumbled across during my research. We all know that the secret to the success of any
Afternoon my fellow AffiliatesJust thought I'd share this with you all.I found it tough balancing building my twitter followers effectively and making sure I spending time on my site.I used to follow 10 to 20 people a day but this only gave me 250 followers over 2 months.I knew I needed to find a way to automate the process in a way that I don't get inactive followers or just not engaged. Bare in mind my 250 followers weren't engaged either.I came across this great software that has build in al
Good Morning WA Well after another busy week thought I'd have another check at my page rankings. I've tried to stay away from checking this too much to make sure I don't get distracted on moving forward.My Top Tip: It can be very tempting to keep checking your rankings and progress everyday but as we know the training works just focus on working through your training, producing your next posts and moving forward rather than constantly checking stats and data.Anyway as It had been a week or so s
Good Morning WACan you all do me a great favour and pop over to Michelle's profile and wish her a warm welcome to our wonderful WA community.
Yay! I just earned a new badge this week with my 6 months in WA badge added to my collection.It doesn't seem that long but the wealth of information I have built up in such a short time is awesome!My site is running nicely with around 1200 pages viewed every month and growing.I got my first WA payment this month too, £31.50 - Yay! Boom!I also have some referrals for other affiliate links I have on my site.9 people are currently trying the 14 day free trial on one of them from last 7 days,
Good Morning WA :)This is a follow on to Twitter progress A few weeks ago I realised I really needed to work on my twitter followers to increase my social media advertising.I had 231 followers and wasn't getting any posts retweeted or liked. So I came across some software called Staged on a twitter post. It's seemed really good so thought I'd give it a try.Through staged I have filtered out 21 top tweeters in my niche and now I follow there followers. This is part of there free package. The aim
April 14, 2017
After catching another super bug which knocked me for six and damaged my chest muscles and my laptop deciding to no longer function properly I am finally back in action.Fully functioning with a clear head again and a replacement laptop. All fired up and ready to take on the world again!I feel facing challenges has become all part of my life as a business owner and internet marketer. Even with the super bug I was still determined to work on my business I just could think to get the words and my
Afternoon my fellow Wealthy AffiliatesThis will the first of a series of blogs while I learn how to bump up my social media follows on twitter and share my progress for others, hope it helps. I have seen a slight dip in pages views and users so figured I needed to really give twitter a big push. I have done some work with Facebook and see great jumps but this is very time consuming so I will continue to do this when I can but I had read a few blogs about automating my twitter account to help bu
March 26, 2017
Good Morning from the UKSo the next challenge, reducing the drop rates!For those new to WA you will eventually through focus and determination write quiet a few posts and with some great keyword research and utilising the low hanging fruit technique you will start receiving organic traffic to your site. You then need to keep an eye on the bounce rate.Anything above 75% you need to do some work on your page/post to reduce this, the lower the better. So these are how many people have found your p