Why WA is a great deal

Last Update: December 16, 2014

I was just reading some reviews by fellow WA members, as well as others online. Do you know what I notcied? So many scams proclaim that their membership is "free", but as soon as you check it out, you find that it's really not free. All of a sudden, you need to pay to upgrade, before even seeing what the program is about.

Just got an email from Clickbank (I trust Clickbank, had many dealings, and yes, some returns too), offering to teach me how to do online business. Said it was $47 per month after a free 60 day trial. I just read a review by one of our members, and he said once you get into it, it's $97 per month after third month. I didn't get that far into it.

Do you know what makes WA so different? You know how the initial cost is $47 per month? Well, if you sign up yearly, we all know it's much cheaper than that. So....WA offers intial cost, and then it gets LOWER, whereas other programs work the exact opposite. That's why I am staying.

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cookma54 Premium
So true! M
boucherda Premium
speedking Premium
Very true indeed !
llopez Premium
So true.
Norleila Premium
You're right Gordi. We're fortunate to find WA and I'm staying too. :)
Gordi Premium
Yup, you and me both, Norleila