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December 16, 2014
I was just reading some reviews by fellow WA members, as well as others online. Do you know what I notcied? So many scams proclaim that their membership is "free", but as soon as you check it out, you find that it's really not free. All of a sudden, you need to pay to upgrade, before even seeing what the program is about. Just got an email from Clickbank (I trust Clickbank, had many dealings, and yes, some returns too), offering to teach me how to do online business. Said it was $47 per month a
Sorry my WA friends, I just have to vent. I am not too happy with one of the 2 banks that I deal with, so I went to open a chequing and a savings account at Credit Union. As I was making appointment (in person) to get this done, they mentioned that they are going to do a CREDIT CHECK!!!! Say, what? I was only going to use this account for my pay to go into because it's in the city where I live now. I am not asking for a loan, a mortgage, line of credit. Nothing like that. Just a simple chequing
November 02, 2014
This is a follow up on the above mentioned subject. After worrying about unkown content on my website, and finally figuring out it had something to do with my Shareaholic plugin, I finally got a reply from Shareaholic after submitting a ticket. They just added a new feature called "Promoted Content". This content is still in beta testing phase, and doesn't even show on most websites. Where the content is shown (as on mine), I get a revenue for those displays. Pretty cool, I think. Here I was so
October 05, 2014
Before Google, there was Yahoo (Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle). Time was when internet searches were done by scrolling through lists that were organized by topics, by real people!. Did you know that? Imagine! At the time, it was the equivalent of Google of today. It was possible to do that back then due to the fact that internet in the early 90s wasn't anything like today (size-wise). During that time, it would take months for websites to be listed, and could technically disappear i
September 06, 2014
Hello my WA friends It's been an exciting week for me. My youngest daughter moved, her older sister moved into my house, and I moved to where I work! My son moved this last May. Can you say I moved???? Yeah, I think so. Since I have a desktop, I've been without a computer, and was too busy at work (month end/beginning), so had very little time to catch up on WA news. I now FINALLY got my computer up and running. What a relief. Hope all is well with my friends. Missed you all. Good to be back.
This is a really funny story, not related to WA, but will brighten your day. I heard it on my radio station news this morning. Five prisoners escaped from a prison in the States (name of the place "escapes" me, pun intended). Not only did they escape, they went BACK to the prison!!!! When asked how they escaped they said they jumped the fence. They went out for a few drinks then dutifully returned to the prison. Must be tough life in that particular you think, lol
July 28, 2014
We've all heard about, and felt the effects of Google Panda and Penguin algorithms. Well, now there is a new algorithm that was rolled out on July 24 known as Pigeon update. This new update is supposed to improve search results for local businesses. For once, no slapping and punishing, lol. For anyone looking to improve their local search results, you can get more details by typing google pigeon in the search bar, I was unable to copy and paste links properly.
Well, don't do to this if you are sending me FB friend requests. Lately I've accepted a lot of friend requests, thinking they were WA members. Somehow, people are finding my profile, and I've had so many inappropriate messages, propositions and pictures it's not even funny. So here is what I do now before accepting a friend request: I check their friend list. Any guy that only has female friends, and all their pictures seem to be a contest of who has bigger boobs and sexier selfie is not acce
June 22, 2014
The other day I wrote a blog about people sharing 100's of useless posts in Google+. At the opposite end of the spectrum, I came across this useful blog about 10 best social share plugins. This blog just expanded on more that are available in WP and can be used in addition to Social media lesson here at WA. Some are free, some are not. Hope this is helpful to those that are looking for more plugins.
June 21, 2014
So, we are taught here to join social networks, to share and write posts. I would get sooooo excited when someone added me to their Google+, I'd rush to add them back. It's only polite to do so, after all. If they are interested enough in what I have to say, I can be nice back, lol. Now, a few months into this, I am starting to re-think this strategy. Don't know if I am alone in this thinking, or if there are other friends here that have the same opinion on this: is there really a need for any