This Old Dog Loves the Trombone


Most people do not know that as an undergraduate student I was a Music Major. As an applied music major (trombone and piano) I spent the first five years of my life studying to be a professional musician. I was pretty darn good and had some very special opportunities along the way. Alas, as I matured, my interests changed and five additional years later I had earned my MBA and JD degrees.

During the second five years of my college career, my trombone playing (I still play the piano almost every day) became a thing of the past. I am sad to admit that although I still own my ax, I haven't played it in over 25-years.

I live in a college town in Idaho and recently I heard that the music school was having a senior recital by one of their best who just happened to be an applied music major in trombone. Ruthie was a little reluctant to go with me but, in the end, I prevailed and the two of us descended upon the School of Performing Arts to hear the trombone recital by this budding young musician.

This young man (most men are now younger than me) was actually a pretty darn good trombone player. So why wasn't I enjoying the concert! In fact, I found myself, using all of my wonderful past years as a performer, ripping his performance apart. At first, I didn't realize what I was doing. However, I gradually realized that regardless of how good he was, I was going to judge him by my conceived level of perfection. In my mind, he was not going to be a better trombone player than matter what.

By the end of the concert, I was totally ashamed of myself. Great concert with the very poorest of critic Then it dawned on me. This trombone concert was no different than what goes on at Wealthy Affiliate.

At WA a countless number of people help us to gain a great knowledge regarding e-commerce and all that goes with it. Then 4 or 5 months into the program we become so smart (so we think) that we can't be bothered by people that ask stupid questions in the WA Blog and in the chat sessions. Suddenly, those individuals, that just a few months before knew nothing about e-commerce and how to build a website, are refusing, avoiding, and in some cases castigating the efforts of those that are struggling with their WA efforts. I have been there. I have done, just that. I am ashamed.

From this day forward, I recommit to help everyone at WA that I can with whatever concern they have with their WA efforts. I have only been involved in WA since October 15th of last year. I have a ton left to learn but I have learned so much already that I simply can not and will not turn others away.

I would like to challenge others at WA that have become "too e-commerce smart" to help those that are struggling to set their prize in the sky "yearning for success" aside long enough to AT LEAST help as many people that need help that helped you as you started down this e-commerce path. WA is a community of good e-commerce citizens. Let's all do our part. DAN

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Hi Dan, paying it forward is what makes this community a great one so thanks for your reminder. Have a wonderful Sunday :)

Thanks Jude. I appreciate your comment. The WA community is very valuable. DAN

Oh Dan, I can feel with you 100 percent!
Although I only played the trumpet for two seasons in a carneval group!
I wasn't at the high level of respiratory training that you were ( or are), so every time I practiced a bit less, I started losing it again!

As to WA, your message is great news to me!
Although I have upgraded to Yearly Premium, I'm still fighting for enough consecutive TIME each day to pull something to a finish! That means I'm watching Kyle's training videos at least twice, even with notes, because the mind forgets so quickly...
Oh yes, I'm going to follow you now in case i havent already i ll check, and I'm more than sure, you'll hear from me!
Regards, Therese

Therese: What you just described was my plight for all of October, November and part of Dec. 22015. However, with the help of people like MarionBlack and Bert and PJ Online here at WA I started to climb out of the hole I had dug for myself. Things have gone a lot smoother for me since those earlier days. I still have a lot to learn but my website is up and running and I am slowly monetizing my site.

If there is anything I can do to help you now or in the future, please do not hesitate to call upon me. I owe our little community a great deal. DAN

Thanks so much Dan! Yes, it sometimes seems to me that I pick out the hard-knocks despite great instruction! For example:

1) I spend way too much time in Jaaxy.

2) This leads to doubts as to whether my niche is still an area of interest to people.

3) Subsequently the little time I have presently becomes even shorter!

High time I just stuck to the lessons and the community.....

What do you think?
Thanks so much...

Welcome back Dan, although I don't think you ever went away. I really like it when folks share some of their life's journey with the community. Thank you for that glimpse, community is what makes this place what it is.

Thanks Alexander for your comments. I never went away from WA, I simply got real busy as a result of my website and the individual help that I try to provide to my followers when they call on me in private chat. I like WA a lot and I have learned so much. I just have to try and share that as much as I can here on WA. DAN

Thank you for sharing this Dan.

NO problem RaeAnne: If you need any one on one with a problem regarding your website (I'm no good with people's pet problems) I would be honored to assist you. DAN

Thank you Dan, I appreciate that. I just may need that help. Have a terrific Sunday afternoon! Rae Anne

You are right, Dan. I have become less helpful. Thanks for reminding me.

Arief: Thank you for your comment. I know so much yet know so little that I am a little bit of a loose cannon ball but I know that I can assist many here at WA if I simply try. DAN

I am with you on that, Dan. Good reflection on the young man trombone player. We have to help and inspire others so as they too could help and inspire others on what they do best :)

Deljar: You have no idea how receptive I am to your comment. How quickly, I became the knowledgeable and started to forget the hungry for knowledge crew here at WA. I am now back in focus. DAN

Dan, To comment on the rest of your post, I agree with you that we should all do our part to give back to the community. This is the strength of this community. Dave.

Thanks Dave. I wasn't sure that I would ever hear from any new or old Ambassadors after the reply I left you regarding the Role of a WA Ambassador. To my surprise, I have heard from both the Great Ambassadors (like yourself) and the poor ones (Ambassador Spammers) regarding my recent blog. Maybe there is hope for the Ambassador Spammers, yet. DAN

Hi Dan, I was a musician for the Army for six years playing clarinet, flute, and saxophone. I enjoyed playing very much. I had the honor of performing one time with the Airmen Of Note. They are the Air Force jazz band out of Washington DC.

Back in the early 1980s, Dave Steinmeyer was the director. He was, by far the greatest trombone player of any of the branches of service during his time of duty. The Airmen Of Note is the direct lineage of the Glenn Miller Army Air Corps Band in WWII.

Here is the song, "Can You Read My Mind". Dave plays the trombone performing higher notes than most trumpet players dream of. Hope you enjoy. Dave.

PS The link to the song did not work so here is a link to the album. Pick song number 3.

Dave: What a Sunday feast of Big Band sounds. I listened to the either album after I first listened to Can You Read My Mind. Dave Steinmeyer is truly an artist on the trombone. My favorite though was an arrangement of an old Thelonious Monk piece (Well You Needn't). Back in the day, I was a huge Monk fan and listening to this arrangement has set me back on fire re; Monk. Thank you for that. You know, T Monk wrote almost all of his songs in minor 9th, 11th, and 13th chords so many never quite understood what he was doing as it always sounded just a little strange (dissonant) but I always loved it. Playing jazz solos and concentrating on 9th, 11ths, and 13ths of the chord is a hard day at work. I loved it.

I have some great memories (and at times the total loss of memory lol) of my days surrounded by some of the best music in the world. As I continue to mature (that is polite for getting older) I think about how my life would have been different had I continued down the music path. No regrets...just a lot of yearning for some of those old days.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your music with me. Now it is mine. Love it. DAN

Dan, The Air Force has had the budget to do this archive and here is the link to it. (I wish the Army Bands did something like this, but there is little outside the Washington DC bands). Here is The Airmen Of Note albums recorded from 1962 until the present. There is also two albums of Glenn Miller music which is perfectly played in my opinion. The music during the late 70s through the early 90s is the best. Only because I was in the service during that time. LOL! Anyway, for your enjoyment. Dave.

Now I have the link. Thank you so much. I plan to get the CD quality rendition here in the next few days. It will be wonderful. DAN

You are welcome, glad you like it. Dave.

Hi Dan and great words and I am 1000% with you my friend

Thanks Paul. I can always count on you for kind words and encouragement. DAN

All too true DAN. I know I sometimes become a little frustrated by new folks asking the same questions that I answered the day before for someone else.

We were all new once and didn't know very much. Let's all keep learning and teaching as much as we can.

Marion: You are my sweetheart. You are one of the many (they don't all deserve it) that is rightfully placed as an Ambassador of WA. You simply are willing to help anyone. You are great. Thank you. DAN

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