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Most people do not know that as an undergraduate student I was a Music Major. As an applied music major (trombone and piano) I spent the first five years of my life studying to be a professional musician. I was pretty darn good and had some very special opportunities along the way. Alas, as I matured, my interests changed and five additional years later I had earned my MBA and JD degrees. During the second five years of my college career, my trombone playing (I still play the piano almost every
Yes, it's true. Ruthie and I signed up for DirecTv and had it installed the other day but I didn't want to. It all started a month or so ago when Ruthie said, "I don't ever get to see you anymore. You spend all of your time at Wealthy Affiliate answering emails and writing articles for your website. I get lonely ever night not having you around."The fact is, I am always home but yes I do have things to do and yes my dear Ruthie is suffering as a result of it. I went online and found a company t
Oh, the memories! Forty-five years ago, living on the farm with my parents, every Thursday one of my jobs was to drive over to Mrs. Shockley's house (about two miles away) to pick up our family's weekly treasure of homemade cottage cheese that Mrs. Shockley made and sold to our family. What a treat. It was so wonderful. Not as creamy as you get from the store today but it was so good. I decided that now, multiple decades later, I would learn how to make homemade cottage cheese.First, I needed i
Last night I worked until the wee hours of the morning with a new piece I am writing for my website. The piece was finished but I was determined to have ALL GREEN buttons on my Yoast SEO information at the bottom of my edit. I finally determined that people that have all green buttons at the bottom of their edits (in Yoast SEO) probably also lie about their age, their fidelity, and probably their gender. After hours, I still had three red buttons showing. It is time for the Yoast users here at
For weeks now, I have been trying to analyze and put in place my Social Media strategy. There is a lot of help here at WA and I have moved quickly. As I have gone through this process, for my website I have determined that one of my KEY social media efforts will be with LinkedIn.At the same time, I have been relatively unimpressed with how my Pinterest social media efforts have been working. Almost, not at all. Further, I have been introduced to Tumb
I just wrote a piece for my website, Your Access to International Business regarding how things have changed in the country of India in the last 35-years and why the country is so important in the International Business Arena. India is still a third-world country but they also graduate more young people from college than any other country in the world. I thought that you might find my opening paragraph interesting. It is what we should be telling all of our children today. DANShut-up And Finish
Four-score and ten days ago (October 15, 2015) this old dog found Wealthy Affiliates. What a day. What a find! I was not sure what I was doing as I had only given the idea of developing a website some transitory thought. But I knew that I wanted something. So I started and set my website up as a subdomain on Site Rubix and started to do just about everything WRONG.I asked for help and got it. I bothered MarionBlack and Ignorant (Bert) more than I should have and just bull-nosed ahead. I quickly
If you look at the theory of "Six Degrees of Separation" in all likelihood, Keven Bacon and I are friends. I've never met him but he HAS TO BE my friend through the application of this theory. The theory states that "everyone and everything is six or fewer steps away, by way of introduction, from any other person in the world."So a 'friend of a friend' can be made to connect any two people in the world via a maximum of six steps. So I must be a friend of Kevin Bacon. I am so happy. I love Kevin
Many here at Wealthy Affiliate have asked me, "why is your WA handle gooddogpoky2?" It's not a secret. In fact, it's a rather interesting yet sad story. For years, Ruthie and I had a Shar Pei Mutt that we called Poky. Poky was the dumbest dog known to mankind. At times, when he was obnoxious, I would hit him with a rolled up newspaper or worse. One day while I was disciplining Poky (or simply taking my frustrations out on him due to his stupidity) Ruthie said to me, "would you treat a child tha
January 06, 2016
As I was working on my social media connections today with my WA website, I pondered all of the amazing things that I have learned here at WA and, of course, this led me to thoughts of one of my favorite late 1960's rock & roll artists, Janis Joplin. As if it were only yesterday, I heard in my mind's ear that raspy, perfect pitched, short little drug-abuser sing...Try...try...try...just a little bit harder now.... A great song "Try" by a strange woman but oh so important to my efforts here