Are You Hypocrite ?

Last Update: December 21, 2014

Honest, Hypocrite, Liar!

What heart should you have?

A flesh located on the left side of your chest...

An organ that pumps the blood...

A heart goes beyond that physical appearance

Crucial roles do the heart play

Peace, love, compassion, social justice, respect for the other,

Hatred, injustice, disrespect, greed, are all its capabilities!

So, what heart do you have?

Search deep into your heart....

Are you honest with all your dealings, with all the people?

Do you stay truthful in all matters, under all conditions?

In words, thoughts, relation and action

Be mindful, take care of your heart!

Do not corrupt it with bias

Never fill it with hearsay

Say the truth even if it hurts

Even if it's against yourself, your loved ones

Say the truth...

Only then will you attain the purest of heart

A Heart of Gold!

Love always,


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speedking Premium
Very well written and said Norleila, and the truth will set us free ! Take care , Johan.
gohealthy Premium
Very true Johan. The truth will set us free. It doesn't call for a compromise but understanding and respect. Thanks for your visit.
You take care too. :)
Larry_T Premium
Very good thoughts Norleila. Great way to start the day is by having good thoughts in your heart. Thanks for writing it down so we could read it today

gohealthy Premium
You're most welcome Larry. Thanks for your comments. I appreciate your visit. Have a great day. Take care. :)
MarvH Premium
Very true, The heart needs to be healthy physically but also mentally. The good thoughts really do make a difference.
gohealthy Premium
Hi Marv, thanks for your insights. A pure heart speaks with sincerity, honesty without hypocrisy. Take good care of your heart. :)
Christabelle Premium
You are so right Norleila! It is written, "Watch over your heart with all diligence, for from it flow the springs of life" as you know! :) Only we can determine the quality of that spring! :)
gohealthy Premium
The heart needs proper nurturing. He succeeds who purifies his heart, he fails who corrupts it. Have a great day, Christa. Take care.
Christabelle Premium
You take care as well Noleila! :)
SowAndReap Premium
My twin is so wise, honesty is the best policy. :) Happy Holidays to you :)
gohealthy Premium
Hey twin, glad to hear from you. Happy holiday to you too.
The world is full of deception. Take care.