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Last Update: October 17, 2020

Hello my friends. It's been a while since posting, but life has taken me on a wild ride, As many of you know, my father has Alzheimers disease and this past month or so, it has gripped him tighter and tight with each passing day. I won't darken you day with the details, just suffuce it to say things get darker for us daily and sometimes hourly.

I haven't had to minutes to myself to work on my business, or anything else for that matter. It saddens me to say that this will be my last posting for quite sometime, and perhaps forever. I will be letting my account expire later this month. There may come a time when I rejoin this beautiful community to be among the many friends I have made here while trying to dredge up or start over.

To those who have reached out to me via PM, I recceived your messages and thank you for your concern and best wishes. I will continue following your various sites when I can and might even watch a video or two as time allows. Wh knows, you might see me comment.

I love you all very much and one day, look forward to being among this truly amazing community.


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arlowa Premium
Hello Greg, thank you for the update. My heartfelt best wishes to you and your family! My heart goes out to you, I am so sorry you are having to go through this. Hope to see you on here again in the future and thank you for all the support you have given me! Kind Regards, Andrea
Aussiemuso Premium
My thoughts are with you Greg I went through this 4 years ago with my mum. It is all consuming and heartbreaking. You will be in my thoughts and I hope you feel up to rejoining us here in the community soon, as we can encourage you through this time.

Warm regards my friend
Take care
Fleeky Premium Plus
Oh Greg... nursing is without release indeed

Good to read you choose for your father...
Keep looking at him as he was, not as he is...
Seek physical contact, like hand in the first place
And know his conscience is unaltered

My humble prayer With you


A tablet can help to work online, it is like reading a book and a great alternative for pc. You can use it everywhere... just make sure not to shut yourself out.. and so you can stay here... just a thought... you will be missed, just know you are not alone in this...
keishalina Premium
Dear Greg,

It's wonderful to hear from you dear friend! ...

I've always enjoyed our conversations --- just know that you've been missed and that we all can understand & appreciate when LiFe happens!

You do what you need to do!

Wealthy Affiliate will keep a light 💛 on for YOU!

Thanks kindly for letting us know what is happening and, indeed, if there's anything we can do to help ... then, just say.

You keep well, healthy & strong,

All the very best to you as ever, cheerio ... :)
gnoose Premium
Thank you Keisha
ParthaB Premium

Sometimes our priorities in life change, whether for good, bad, or indifferent reasons.

You do whatever you need to do - my love and best wishes to you, your father, and your entire family.

I really hope this isn't goodbye to WA "forever", as you really do light up the place.

But for now, you go shine that light where it's needed most.

Your friend
CassiOfTroy Premium Plus
So very well said, Partha.

See why you are missed too? 🙂
ParthaB Premium
Aww so sweet, thank you Cassi.

I'm usually lurking somewhere, but I do miss the camaraderie when I'm not around.

CassiOfTroy Premium Plus
You miss us, Partha! 🙂😂
Very nice.

I have not been around much these days as I am busy working on a project to push off my Sophomore WA University year.

It is always refreshing to "see" you.
gnoose Premium
Thank you Partha