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October 17, 2020
Hello my friends. It's been a while since posting, but life has taken me on a wild ride, As many of you know, my father has Alzheimers disease and this past month or so, it has gripped him tighter and tight with each passing day. I won't darken you day with the details, just suffuce it to say things get darker for us daily and sometimes hourly.I haven't had to minutes to myself to work on my business, or anything else for that matter. It saddens me to say that this will be my last posting for q
August 29, 2020
Back in the early 70's, I was present when my Dad broke his back. I warned him not to try doing the thing he planned. Tough guy. Wouldn't listen. Did his, not so little, task, and broke his back in the process. Tough Guy. That was then. Dad has had 8 very major back surgeries more aimed at pain relief than anything else. The first surgery repaired the damage. The 7 Subsequent surgeries, spread across the following 35 years, were aimed at pain management thru various means. He never really got r
August 23, 2020
A smokey week behind us here in Nothern Nevada. The above photo might look like fog, but it's not. I took this from my back porch last night around 5pm. What you are seeing is the sun making a feeble appreance thru the smoke. This smoke from fires too many to mention. Fortunately, none are threatening to us here. I said not threatening, but I referenced fire danger only. The smoke is coming from fires in Northern California, and a few in the Reno/Sparks area. In reality, our air quality has bee
So much for my 'Tranquil Thursday'. This is the day I reserve for myself. My morning routine of surfing emails and blogs takes me about an hour or two, then it's off to the wonderland of the internet. Maybe I just sit on my keester contemplating the nature of the universe. Maybe I do nothing at all. Point is that it's my day.This morning was a little different. As I was taking my shower, highlight of my Thursdays as a rule, I was struck by an idea and I knew I just had to come write about it. I
I have a nice surround system with wireless speakers. Not going to mention names as I'm not a shill for the company. Suffice it to say that this company produces some very good and reliable equipment. Last month, I turned the unit on and it began to immediately weird out. It was stuck in some kind of boot loop. Did the usual basic troubleshooting steps, unplug wires, cables and power for one minute, plug everything back in and power up. Same result. Check wires for damage etc., nada. Back burne
Success can be large or small, creating your first website, getting your first $0.26 commission or achieving rank within our platform. Lat night I had two small but significant successes. Sadly, neither of them were monetary. They were significant none the less.My first success yesterday:As some may be aware, last month I took a challenge, a 30 day challenge mind you, to write two chapters in my book within that time frame. This challenge came as the result of a conversation between myself, Par
August 02, 2020
Just for fun, I went to Mr. G to see if I could break him. I tried and couldn't.In the search bar, I entered the number one followed by 100 zeros. I know this is a real number and guess what Mr. G returned???EnteredReturned a link to this wiki page telling me what a Googol is. There's and even larger number, and when I have more free time, I'll try to break Mr. G again. Great idea form Tranquil Thursday.Enough goofing off, I'm back writing.From my muddled mindGreg
You started to work or create a business?I was 10 years old when I started my working career. Well, that's not really true. At 10 though, I did get a paper route. It wasn't very big, but then we lived in a small rural farming community. If memory serves, I think I made about 5 dollars a month, a goodly sum in those days. I felt rich when collection day rolled around, that is before Dad took half my income and laid aside for savings. Good lesson in finances, but I didn't really understand it at
August 01, 2020
It's been a little over a week since I last wrote. As many of you know, Wifey and I went to a small coastal community where her mother lives. It's been almost a year since we saw her last. A great time was had by all. I brought my laptop with me to be able to check in with the community while away, but I chose not too. We had such a good time, family and old friends and just staying busy. We got home Sunday afternoon, unpacked and unwound. I started back to work Monday morning and have been pla
July 22, 2020
There is this quaint little coffee shop in my town. It's a small mom and pop business that is quite successful, been around for years now. The building is tiny. You drive up on the right, order your frappy lappy caramel mocha locha whatever, drive around and pick it up. They have a couple of small picnic benches out front should you decide to sit and enjoy your day.I'm not into designer coffee's, but I do like to spend money in the few small businesses around town. That said, I would go there o