Marketing Tools Rant

Last Update: Aug 22, 2019


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This post is a mini-rant, of sorts.

I have been researching many products recently to write reviews. The focus of my research is marketing tools that can help us build our online business.

I recently wrote a post about readability tools.

My searches have been both enlightening and depressing.

As a result of my research, I wrote and posted two recent reviews about done-for-you marketing funnel systems. The names are unimportant, but they were not about ClickFunnels.

I start my research using head keywords as opposed to long-tail keywords. I use Keywords Everywhere when I do Google searches because it shows related searches and volume. The Moz Bar Chrome extension shows the page and domain authority for Google results. The following image shows what I mean.

Jaaxy confirms that the head keyword has less than 10 searches a month.

I use the Jaaxy keyword tool to find relevant keywords related to planned informational website content. I validate keywords by searching Google as shown above.

I use the Jaaxy keyword tool to find relevant keywords related to planned informational website content. I validate keywords by searching Google, as shown above.

I like to use Jaaxy to find long-tail keywords. Moreover, then research the competition using domain and page authority data to see if I can outrank them to make it on the first page.

In the make money online niche, I see a lot of negative reviews about products (tools and programs).

Now for the mini-rant about tools.

I read many negative reviews as well as positive ones. I also read many comments, positive and negative.

One common theme among the negative reviews and comments is the idea that the tools weren't any useful or lacked value. People also commented on not getting results by using the tools.

Did it ever occur to the reviewers and commenters that the problem is not the tool but the person using the tool?

A construction toolset can build either:

(Neither house is a picture of mine in case if you are wondering.)

The results depend on the skill, knowledge, and experience of the builder.

The failure to achieve the desired result is not the fault of the tool kit. However, so many of the negative reviews blame the "tool."

Another aspect of the negativity I saw related to the commenter's perspective. I describe it this way from an old saying.

If the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail.

So finally, I read content and comments criticizing the stores that sold the tools. When I smash my thumb hammering a nail, I don't blame the store for selling me the hammer.

In summary, recent deep-diving research gave me some great ideas to help update some older posts to rank higher.

It was also depressing reading so many unfounded negative reviews. I could not finish reading a few of them. On the bright side, I am targeting those because it won't take much to outrank them.

Onward and upward.

Recent Comments


Very true!

I've come across some of these reviews too - some referring to tools I actually love and use often. A tool is only useful if the operator knows fully how to utilize it properly ;)

Take care, Shannon

Thank you, Shannon. I wrote a review a few months ago about a marketing software package that had 37 apps. Several commenters wondered how anyone could use 37 apps. So they wrote negative comments. I compared it to the carburetor tool kit I bought. The kit came with 7 adjustment tools. But I only needed one. I may need others in the future. So I am prepared just in case. Besides, there was no option to buy just one.

That is true too - sometimes tools are only available in a kit.

Actually, a marketing software that has 37 apps sounds like some really useful software that must do a ton! Those folks who commented on how they could possibly use them all are more than likely missing large chunks of their sales funnel somewhere ;)

Hi. Glen. Writing a negative review is totally uncalled for, in particular if you've had no real experience with the product. If anyone is willing to check out some of the successfull online reviewers, they will find that they steer clear of negativity. I think you'll be able to outrank all of those depressing reviewers. Jim

I have to disagree with you that writing a negative review is uncalled for as a general rule. If someone writes their honest evaluation of a product that they've thoroughly researched and finds it to be substandard, there's no reason not to write a negative review.

As an example, the MMO niche is filled with horrible products that are advertised as guaranteed systems that will make thousands of dollars a month right away. I've written many negative reviews on my bootcamp site after seeing what these products offer and how they're designed to empty an inexperienced person's wallet without providing any value.

There are plenty of great products in any niche for someone to write positive reviews about. But I don't think that writing a quality negative review is wrong. Those can be just as helpful, if not more so, than reviews that only show the positive things just to make a sale.


I agree with you, Jim. I use several products that I find useful. However, I see many negative reviews from people who obviously never used them. They are clueless and doing a disservice to people who could benefit from them.

The other aspect of digital products that people complain about is product upsells. By including premium features in optional upgrades, the basic product price can be lower. However, the basic product should be functional and not require a premium feature upgrade to work.

There are no basic web hosting services provided by companies. Some companies included features in their basic packages that are upgrades in other companies.

When I bought my pickup truck a few years ago, the Ford dealer offered me several optional aftermarket product upgrades. It is the same difference with digital products.

I prefer the 'best of' reviews'. These are the most successful. It doesn't mean that you can't highlight any faults. It simply means you are reviewing great products. There's a big difference between honesty and negativity. As for MMO, again it's about honesty. I haven't written for this area yet so my comment was centred around physical tools.

Hi Glen, there is an old saying, "A disgruntled worker always blames his tools". Having the tools and knowing how to use them are definitely an important factor.

Best wishes,

Thanks, Michael. Some people even complain about where the product is sold.

Hi Glen, reminds me of a Cliff Richards song... I know before your time.
He was invited to the Queen of England's garden party, where he was not received well.
He later wrote a song about it something like this, "You can't please everyone, but you got to please yourself.

Best wishes,

Ummm.... not before my time.

She is a devil woman, with evil on her mind,
Beware of the devil woman, she is gonna get you from behind.

Oh my gosh Glen this could go on :)
Devil woman, devil woman loves me, devil woman leave me alone, leave me alone I wanna go home. Marty Robbins.

I totally agree!

In order to give a proper review you actually have to know what you are talking about. I am currently on week three of one of my reviews and only know half of what it is about. Personal experience and learning is a part of the process that seems to be lacking on some reviews.

Great post

Good point, Alicia. Joe Sugarman, legendary copywriter, wrote about preparing to research a product before writing ad copy.

I agree Glen.
Tools are only as good as they are learned and used.
Practice is the only way something is going to be done well. Most reviews that I see which are negative are done is such a way show lack of real experience and done to facilitate the review to showcase their own #1. :)

Thanks, Bill.

I read a review the other day where the first half of the post briefly discussed a product. Then the post switched to discussing the reviewer's #1 pick for the remainder of the post. I thought that was extremely tacky.

I agree. The review should be either pro or con, and give reasons for each. The website should be set up to show what the reviewer likes.

I think what makes a good tool is its instructions. If they are well thought out and clear, reviews would be more lenient.

This is what I like about Wealthy Affiliate. The step-by-step approach assuming we know nothing about site building, is simple enough for. a teenager to understand.

If it were more complicated, we would be staying away from WA in droves. So I think it is on both sides. If the marketing tool is easily understood by the majority, they will take to it better.

WA is not hard, but there is a lot of work to do. What makes us stay is the support if we get stuck. If you look on the net, there are very few companies online that compare when it comes to support.

So it's half the marketing tool companies' fault and half the fault of the people reviewing it. Some are wearing rose-tinted glasses...

Thanks for commenting, Stella. I like the rose-tinted glasses metaphor. You hit the nail on the head. It really is about training and support.

I see so many products being promoted as easy to do, but are not. People run into a wall, get no support, and then leave.

Is the "Moz Bar" chrome extension something that I should add on? It sounds like it but I cannot seem to find it. Do you have more information on this? Thank you for your excellent article!

Hi, Darlene. My bad. I should have included a link. It is a free download at

Thank you!

Glen, you're right. Often it's not the horse, it's the rider....

I love that you found the bright side to all the depressing fararadiddling!

-- Netta

Thank you, Netta.

Good post Glen... As you say the tools are there to help. I am a photographer but I can't blame the camera if I take poor pictures. It is up to the user to learn how to properly use the tools.
I think a large part of the problem is that people want instant results and are not prepared to put in the work and research to find out how to use the tools to get the results they desire.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Then they wonder we they failed.

Thanks for commenting, Gaz.

I think a big problem nowadays is that people try these tools and expect it to work miracles for them. When they don't bother to put time and effort into the project the tool is to blame as you pointed out.
Too many people are looking for "hacks" nowadays to shortcut their way to everything. We have become lazy as a society! Or at least some have.

I agree, Mark. I don't know if it is a matter of being lazy or not knowing or, like you said, looking for a shortcut.

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