1 Million Pinterest Viewers

Last Update: Feb 15, 2019



I reached a new milestone in my Pinterest average monthly viewers.

1 Million Viewers!

I only have 180 followers. And I follow even fewer.

I repin (share other people's pins) pins more often than I pin my own stuff.

When repinning, I look for quality pins with bad descriptions. Before repinning, I write a better description of the pin including keywords and add hashtags.

I do not change the link. That's illegal or at least unethical.

Please share. Wealthy Affiliate training works!

Recent Comments


Congrats Glen! That’s awesome! Pinterest is great! Took me awhile to figure the “how to’s” out but I’ve been on Pinterest for the last month and a half and I now have 21,000 viewers with 407 followers. I guess that isn’t too bad but I will be doing a happy dance once I get to a million viewers. 😁

Great job! :)

Thanks, Renee! Well done to you as well!


Thanks, Barbara!

Awesome, Glen!
Inspiration for all


Thank you, Terry. I was inspired by another WA member to use Pinterest.

And I am now inspired by you to do the same!
Cheers Glen


Still have no clue how it works so haven't spent time on it yet

Thanks, Steven. It may be because I view Pinterest as a search engine and not a social network.

Fascinating method!

Thanks, Julia.

Amazing results, Glen! I'll take a look at your strategy.
Best wishes

Following you now! I tried it with a pin I'm going to try tonight ;-)
Thank you!

You are welcome, Richard! Thanks for following me!

Great job! Congrats

Thank you, Debra!

That’s awesome

Thanks, It has taken about 2 years.

wow, I didn't think this was even possible.

There is at least one WA member who gets 10+ million a month.

wow!!! goodness me!!! how in the world does this happen I would love to know lol

Excellent results Glen. Does this get you many clicks through to your own websites?

Far more than what Facebook does! lol

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