What's All This Noise About WA Ambassadors

Last Update: August 16, 2018

I know I am not the first one to write about the role of the WA Ambassadors and how that affects us. Nor - I am sure - am I going to be the last one to talk about them.

It's just that for the last few months I finally grew to appreciate more and more how helpful their guidance can be, and how I personally could take advantage of their position to ... well, to just learn and to boost my business.

You Are An Ambassador? What's That To Me?!?!

When I first joined here over two years ago, my understanding of ambassadorship was limited to the fact that, let's admit it, with the older WA membership algorithm, the more you posted on WA, the more you were able to climb the ladder of the WA ranking.

However last year Kyle and Carson tweacked that algorithm, and now becoming an ambassodor reflects fairer criteria.

But what can ambassadors give us mere 'mortals' here on the WA platform?

1. Ambassadors' Experience - Well, as you can see by visiting their profiles, most ambassadors will have remained members of WA for quite a few years - some may not have been around for long, but if you visit their profiles, you will find they have years of online experience as web designers, or even as marketers.

It is that experience that becomes most valuable to us.

2. Ambassador's Support - My personal experience, I have found so far, is that ambassadors have always been able to support me by commenting promptly on my blogs. And that in itself, as you know, can still boost your ranking here.

3. Ambassadors' Knowledge - But ambassadors are to Kyle and Carson and the whole WA team what, so to speak, a registrar is to a consultant. It is by going through ambassadors' blogs here on WA that we can actually gain even more information and skills on how to make your website more appealing, hence attracting more traffic; or how to best market your business. Some ambassadors run serialised training on specific topics, such as how to use social media to your best advantage. And a lot of them will not think twice about sharing with us helpful links to boost your traffic - all for free of course, in respect of WA terms and conditions.

4. Ambassadors' Mentorship - Finally, at different stages I have so many times direct messaged different ambassadors for help. And guess what? They always all answer promptly and efficiently, taking time to help you away from working on their own businesses. Now, that's what I call Pay It Forward!

Because, let me remind you, that being an ambassador is not going to earn you any extra credits nor money. It is purely out of sheer good will of wanting to help others that you earn those brownie ambassadorship points.

Ambassadors' Websites - A Revelation

But, hold on, that's not the end of it. Have you ever taken the bother to check any ambassador's website? They are the ones displayed at the bottom of the right hand side column of their profiles.

So, have you? At the end of the day, they are the ones with the experience, therefore they should be the ones that finally monetise from all this online malarkee, right?

Well, let me tell you, if you check any website of any ambassador randomly, you will finally understand how and why they manage to make money online.

That's, to me, where you can learn most. And no, visiting an ambassador's website should not be done with the intent of applying the good old 'copy & paste' trick. We all know that ultimately that will always backfire on us, as Google and other SEO will suss us out and will penalise our rankings. Let alone that being dishonest, selfish and rude.

Checking out ambassadors' websites is like admiring one of the great painters or sculptors of the Italian Renaissance at work. Ambassadors' websites can be truly inspirational. You finally see what a traffic building article should read like, and what a visitor grabbing website should look like.

Thank You Ambassadors

So, with so much that ambassadors do offer us and inspire us with, I can only say this. First of all, thank you ever so much, Ambassadors, for being there for us, and for working hard for no other purpose but to selflessly help us through our many ordeals.

Secondly, if you have not done so yet, do not feel shy to 'lurch' around ambassadors' work, both here and on their own websites. You will find it illuminating!

Till the next one, your faithful and trueful

P.S. As ever, fill free to click on the green Like This button, and to leave your comment below. Thanks for your support :)

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WendaSue Premium
Love and Respect for the Ambassadors. Several of them I consider my mentors. They're truly great.
GiuliaB Premium
Same here, Wendi. And the funny thing about this place is that I trust more the genuine friendship of people here than in the real world, even if we 'talk' through blogs and messages. I suppose the reason is because we all want the same thing, and understand that it is each other support that actually makes us all great at this job :)
RDulloo Premium
I definitely also agree with you! :) Great post!
GiuliaB Premium
Thank you Reyhana, I am glad we are on the same length wave :)
CarolMeador Premium
Hear, hear, Guilia. I couldn't agree with you more. I have several ambassadors I consider my mentors, and every one of them are very helpful and always respond to my questions very quickly. It is an honor that they have earned and deserve. Thank you ambassadors for all you do for us every day. And thanks for a great post, Guilia. Carol
laparra1 Premium
Good afternoon Giulia,

This is a good post. We should always remember all the help we receive here, especially from the Ambassadors. I hope you do not mind but the selfishly should be unselfishly.

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske
GiuliaB Premium
You know what Taetske, you are the third person to tell me about misspelling today. I don't what got into me. I shall edit straightaway. Thank you my friend xxx
laparra1 Premium
Selflessly, selfishly, real tongue breakers.

All the best, Taetske
Jadatherapy Premium
Thank you for sharing this post and informative information.

I really appreciate it and understand a little better.


GiuliaB Premium
I know what you mean, Jennifer. There is so much going on here, that it is to be expected that it may take us a little while before getting our heads round everything. Glad I could be of help :)
Jadatherapy Premium
Yes and thank you