Please Do Your Product Research!

Last Update: August 05, 2017

I got caught up in buying a beauty product online because I stupidly believed that I could trial the product for free...yeah right! But I believed this as I couldn't find any info to say that it wasn't true.....all I had to do was pay for discounted shipping...

Comments on the link were "Rush my trial" and I clicked on it and yeah the affiliate marketer got a sale.....yipeee, commission in their pocket!

But guess what, the terms and conditions (T&Cs) which I did not read (and really why should I when I am buying a 'trial' product online....we DO NOT have these stupid T&Cs when we walk into a physical store to buy a product DO WE?) any case the T&Cs stipulated that I will be charged after 14 days of trialing the product...a price I was not made aware of until my credit card was debited $149.00.......YES I hear you say silly, gullible person, but really? AND the PRICE can that NOT be disclosed in BIG BOLD writing?

JUST be mindful about your affiliation and test the site of the product you are encouraging your visitor to buy. Ensure there is transparency about what you are selling.....SO NOW I AND OTHER VISITORS WILL THINK TWICE ABOUT HITTING THAT LINK!!!!

So moral to this story is, folks do your due diligence before you place links on your websites if you truly want to be true to your visitors and ensure that they come back to your site! Build TRUST or your website and business is WORTHLESS!

I would love to hear your stories and hope I'm not the only gullible online buyer out there!

Cheers Gina

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Numbergurl Premium
You aren't alone, I think I got taken by the same company and product as you. What a shock when you actually get the bill. And the won't refund your money because you got the product and they have a no return policy. I will be much more cautious now about both personal and business products.
MKearns Premium
Sorry sbout the scam Gina. Marketers advise however you buy some physical inventory over the counter or online direct yourself to give expert advice to the customer!
spurway Premium Plus
wow, that is really bad. Thanks for the heads up
GlenPalo Premium
Sorry to hear that, Gina. I have seen some horrendous T&C's. I think one of worst I saw was a company that required people to complete a highly detailed demographic survey before being eligible to receive affiliate commissions. The T&C stated that the company could sell or provide the demographic data to anyone they chose.
GinaMor1 Premium
That is just not right, we need to weed out such unscrupulous service proveiders! I reckon naming and shaming is perhaps one way!!
AnthonyMLM Premium
Very true, thanks for the reminder
GinaMor1 Premium
Your welcome