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Ok I've been rather quiet the last several rank has dropped from 400 to nearly 900 wow what 15 days can do to you!! But it was worth it to get away on annual leave to be with family and friends, eating and drinking way too much. To a place over in Western Australia (2 1/2 hours north of Perth), that struggled with internet connection and a place that had the Indian Ocean at its feet and the desert only a hop, skip and jump away. Sandy Bay Beach The PinnaclesSo you can imagine when I
October 27, 2017
My Process Used to Choose a Website NamePurposes of this post is for all you newbies out there.....I've been with WA nearly 4 months so I hope some of my experiences I share with you may help you on your journey!I already have one website under my belt and once I finished my Certification Course a couple of weeks ago I decided to move right along to the Affiliate Bootcamp. This time I actually followed the process of using keywords (I used Jaaxy as I have a subscription) to choose my niche to p
Next I'm onto the Affiliate Bootcamp!
OK, I am seriously confused and challenged (a better word for 'frustrated') about getting my rankings improved across various search engines. For example, on Bing, when I did a key word search for my website there were 612,000 results and I was listed on the first page, yet doing the same search on Yahoo and Google ( admittedly their results were 20million+) I couldn't find my stuff anywhere.......What do I need to do to change my strategy to improve my ranking? My content I believe is good as
After a few frustrating moments I've finally managed to get Google AdSense on my website. Why has this been a frustrating experience?Firstly, the information on WA has been all over the place and a little hard to follow (that is info has not been centralised for this specific topic) and secondly, there has been suggestions to add another plugin...the latter is an issue if our plugins are already at the recommended limit of 5!So in light of this I was hoping some of the WA community could share
August 30, 2017
It's been 2 months since I joined WA and have been blown away by the amount of new information I've had to learn, but equally I've been so excited and quietly cautious about these new challenges too! I'm currently up to Course 4 of the Certification in WA and would never have expected in my wildest dreams that I would be doing technical website stuff, dealing with affiliate marketing, social engagement, to do Jaaxy or not to do Jaaxy, working on content, working on posts, email lists....what e
A few weeks ago I posted that Google declined my registration to having an AdSense account for what I think was based around insufficient content. It left me a little flat but I had some great support from the WA community, so thank you!Next step was to ramp up my page content and to write a new post targeting a minimum of 3,000 words. Mission accomplished on my post and one of my 4 main pages has increased content, still work in progress on the other remaining 3 pages,. I then sent a request t
If you encounter issues on how to change the layout of your theme the best thing to do is to go direct to those that created the theme and ask for help. Although the WA support team are fabulous, sometimes going to the source stops any frustrations!My theme is Kale and I had the best experience going direct to their support people asking for some guidance on changing default images...and who knows what else I may need going forward?
I got caught up in buying a beauty product online because I stupidly believed that I could trial the product for free...yeah right! But I believed this as I couldn't find any info to say that it wasn't true.....all I had to do was pay for discounted shipping...Comments on the link were "Rush my trial" and I clicked on it and yeah the affiliate marketer got a sale.....yipeee, commission in their pocket!But guess what, the terms and conditions (T&Cs) which I did not read (and really why shoul
OK I wasn't going to provide an update but after reading a few WA posts I thought best I do post so that ]I might help others who find themselves in my position!On the 30th July I followed my WA training in Level 4 and applied for a Google AdSense account but after 1 day I found out that I was rejected because of a possibility of various reasons. I have copied and pasted Google's possible reasons below. But I personally think it is because I do not have enough content on my pages. I was