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Hi there! I'm Gena, a full-time housewife and mom to 2 kids,8 and 5....I've been searching for a long time how I could have a little addition to my husband's income from home-based jobs. I have been scammed twice but still looking around for online opportunities when I landed here.

As I read WA member's testimonies, a sudden feeling of excitement came over me. They're awesome so I immediately signed in.
I'm very hungry to learn new things but no time(to attend to school) and money (to support it)

I'm looking forward to meet inspiring people and learn all about online marketing!!!

So bye for now....see you around=)
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Grandma1945 Premium
Thanks for the follow. Wow 3 kids is a lot to manage and a website too. Cheers to you and many blessings.
Mishyboo Premium
Thank's For Connecting!

If you ever need any assistance please do not hesitate to ask, I may not always be able to help because I'm pretty new to this, but if I can, I always will.

Wishing You All The Best Here At WA!

Mishyboo! X:-).
dtlars Premium
Hi. Gena and welcome! I came here for similar reasons so this will be a great journey. Followings to you. BE$T, Dan
BrooklynPhil Premium
Hello, Gena, thanks for the follow, right back at you.
I hope you're still feeling the excitement your felt in your profile.
All the best.
bluzy1 Premium
Hi Gena, and thanks for the follow! It’s nice to meet you and I’m so pleased to be included into your network. I hope you’re enjoying your time here so far. This is a great place to be and I’m excited to follow your successes!

Peace, and make it a great day.
NWTDennis Premium
Hello Gena ... thank you for the follow. I hope the new computer has given you the energy and commitment to really take advantage of this tremendous Affiliate Marketing training platform. It's a steep learning curve, but at the EOD you will have valuable skills that you could add to your resume. The demand for the digital and marketing skills acquired here at WA has increased a lot and this situation is only going to increase.

Additionally you can continue to build your very own home business. I wish you the best on your WA journey.
Temujin1 Premium
Hello Gena,

thank you for the connection. All the best.

BillandSue Premium
Hi Gena,
Thanks for the following. Best wishes for your success in all areas of life.
Bill & Sue
macca75 Premium
Thanks for the follow Gena. All the best John
Tezsie Premium
Hi Gena, thanks for the follow. Best of luck here and may the WA force be with you!
womo2015 Premium
Hi Gena,
If you know your goal well, WA Community will help you a lot. If you don't know you will spend endless hours playing with WA. In any case, Welcome to WA Community.
TommyPotter Premium
Hi Gena, thanks for adding me to your network!
gentak Premium
My pleasure Tommy, thank you too for following back!
Best wishes.
Gena, I want to thank you for the follow and wish you all the best. You will find all the training and support you could posssible ask for here at WA.
Seahawk8058 Premium
Hey Gena,
Thanks for the follow. I was in the same shoes. You have found what you are looking for. Lots to learn, much support is offered, and success is eminent.
Welcome to WA!

gentak Premium
Thank you for following back, Greg. I appreciate it!
I hope you are finding success here.
All the best to you!
MPollock Premium
Hi and thanks for the follw and Have a great year.
jaytech Premium
Hello Gena, thanks for the follow it's a pleasure to meet you. I hope you're enjoying your time here at Wealthy Affiliate and I wish you every success.
vendorren Premium
Thank you for the follow. Much success to you.

MudreM Premium
Hi Gena and thanks for following. I wish you all the very best .
Robert-A Premium
Hello Gena and welcome to wealthy affiliate from me.
Lots of help here within WA for Newbies.
Thank you for the follow as well and I will follow you.
You have been here a wee while now and only just found me to follow.
Now that you've found the best you can push on and make some cash.
Internet marketing is a steep learning curve though so have a wee browse of my blogs and I'm sure you will go away with lots of tips and advice.
Remember, you get stuck, you ask ok.
gentak Premium
Thank you for following back!
Your profile is quite impressive and I'm sure I have lots to learn from your tips and advice.
Looking forward working with you.
See you around:)
Martstervt Premium
Hi Gena, thanks for following, I am following you also. I look forward to you continued success,

Genie3733 Premium
Thanks for the follow. Blessings to you.
MKearns Premium
Welcome to WA Gena. returning your follow. The training including live webinars here is awesome. You will receive guidance from many members and there is no question that cannot be answered.
NINEK7 Premium
Thanks for following me! Best of luck to you!
Compsol99 Premium
Hi Gena!
Thank you very much for following me! Best of luck to you in your endeavors.
Shawn - Yearly Premium Member

P.S. If you get a chance check out how the training helped me to build my websites. My latest one on how to boost your retirement income just went live last week and the one on sleep apnea has been up for a couple of months now. You can find the links on my profile page. Any feedback or comments would be greatly appreciated.
laurafreedom Premium
Thanks for the follow Gena.
gentak Premium
my pleasure Laura:)
Best wishes!
khoom Premium
Thanks for following me, Gena. Nice to meet you. You need the time and money to succeed in online marketing so get prepared. You also will get the help from this community if you are really serious. Hope that you get the success you want. All the best!
gentak Premium
Thank you for following back Michael.
Best wishes!
AlexEvans Premium
Hi Gena, Thank you for your follow, I hope your WA experience is going well and that you are on your way to achieving your goals. I will value and enjoy being part of your network. Thank you and best wishes.
PSheridan Premium
Thanks for the follow - wish you best of success and prosperity here
SongbirdDL Premium
Hi Gena and thank you for adding me to your network. I am going to do the same. Best of wishes. :)~Danielle
gentak Premium
Thank you for following back.
See you around:))
SongbirdDL Premium
ADias Premium
Hi Ashley, Thank you for the follow, I'm following you back!
gardenguy Premium
Greetings Gena......and thank you for following me. My kudos to you for hanging in there, glad you are still with us. WA is a wonderful community.....best of luck to you in your journey.
Swangirl Premium
Hello Gena. Thank you for following me. Good luck to you and welcome to WA!
Marcel92 Premium
Hello Jena. Welcome to our WA community. You have a lot of friends here always willing to help and answer questions. Bootcamp training is an awesome place to learn and build your online business. Thank you for following.
gentak Premium
Hi Marcel, thank you for following back. I appreciate it.
You have a nice website! Very reader-friendly with big fonts :))
Looking forward to working with you here at WA!
Best wishes...
Marcel92 Premium
Your very welcome Jena. Your first blog is inspiring & well done. Thank you for your kind words. I'm enjoying building my website and making changes as I learn more. Great training here at WA. Bootcamp is the best place to learn.
azmod Premium
Thank you for the follow, I wish you great health and success in the days to come;-)
gentak Premium
Thank you, Don.
Good luck to your online journey too! :)
joyweb Premium
Thanks for following me. I am following you back.
Chrissies Premium
Hi Gena
Its good to meet you and many thanks for the follow, which I of course return.
I wish you good luck with everything :)
Dennie Premium
Thanks for following and I'm happy to follow you back. I wish you every success here at WA and hope you achieve your ambitions.
gentak Premium
Same to you Dennie, thank you. I will look forward to following your success here at WA :)
judebanks Premium
Thanks for following me, Gena. You are in the right place to learn safely. The community is here for you, and me to, so let us know when you need a hand with anything. ~Jude
gentak Premium
Thank you so much. All the best to you too Jude =)
Sui_generis Premium
Thank you for following me, Gena. This is not a scam and it's a great place to learn. I wish you much success here. ~Debbi
gentak Premium
Thank you for following back Debbi, It is a pleasure to follow you.
Best wishes =)
Mike-Writes Premium
Hi Gena,
Thanks for the follow, it is much appreciated.
I am following you as well.
Wish you all the best with WA!

~ Mike
RayAleksandr Premium
Hi Gena, thanks for the follow. I hope everything's been going well with you here at WA. I wish you the very best with your success!
judym Premium
Hi Gena and welcome to WA! Wishing you the best of success here and online! Judy
Dmitriy Premium
Hi Gena, thanks for following me - it's nice to meet you here at WA!

I wish you to become an AWESOME online marketer (if you aren't already :) ) and live a life of your dreams!

My greatest passion is video games and I strongly believe that games can influence our lives in a very positive and beneficial way. I'm always ready and willing to discuss the topic, so feel free to contact me anytime, if you're even slightly interested.

Also, if you ever need anything, have questions to ask, thoughts to share or just want to chat – just send me a message and I will try to help as best I can.

Cheers, good luck and see you around!
jmutisy5 Premium
Thanks for following back.
Sheila50 Premium
Hi Gena,
Nice to meet you and thank you for the follow. Following you back.
Hope you succeed here and can help your family finances.
Good luck and keep writing!
gooddogpoky2 Premium
Hi Gena: Thank you so much for your follow. I appreciate it very much and welcome to my network of fabulous WAers. My network is about two things.

1) I encourage every follower to regularly post a blog with WORTHY content to other WAers. Obviously, if you blog once a day your ranking will quickly move up in WA. However, please understand that I only blog approximately once every two weeks and in the back of my mind I am only blogging to my followers in an attempt to provide the best example (of my writing skills) that I can. Why! Your website will only be successful if you post quality pieces to it. Frequently, that requires that you learn to write even better than you do now.

2) I try to HELP my followers every time they run into a snag with their websites to the best of my ability. If that is not good enough, I will refer you to other HELPERS at WA that will definitely be able to help you. So if you run into a problem here at WA, please let me try to assist you.

Please remember that Kyle, Carson, you and me are not WA. WA is thousands of students learning the concepts of e-commerce and the hundreds of WAers that learn to blog regularly for the delight of the community as they attempt to hone their various writing skills.

If I am not already, I will look forward to FOLLOWING you also. Welcome to My Network! DAN
JSmith62 Premium
Hello Gena, pleased to meet you here in the WA community. Thank you kindly for your follow and I will certainly do the same. Best wishes for success. :)
sag3 Premium
Thank You for Following Gena:

Great to make the connection, it is really awesome to see what kind of people are getting into Wealthy Affiliate. Connecting with others is one the best way to stay on our path to success in WA.

Keeping in Mind: It may take 1000 setbacks before 1 SUCCESS, with setbacks you will learn to SUCCEED.

Ken ~ Yearly Premium Member

PS: Let me know if you need any assistance along the way. Just click on the "Reply" button and ask away.

PSS: Please stop by and add comments to www.affiliateincomes.org
kingshopper Premium
Gena... words of encouragement... follow the training hardcore and you'll get there quick. Ask lots of questions and don't hesitate to ask for favors. Everyone on here is exactly what you're hoping for. Ready and willing to answer your questions and concerns. Just to give you some idea... I have been on WA 4.5mo and am generating an average of 2-3K/mo. Don't know how that is compared to everyone else, but I am a disabled veteran and I have lots of time to devote to my online business. I have spent countless hours of hardcore dedication around the clock sometimes putting in 18hr days, so hopefully that gives you some idea of what to expect. Not many people have that much free time on their hands, but I'm a disabled Veteran with grown kids... time is all I have left. Through the struggle of knowing nothing coming on board to having a really good grip on things I have coined a phrase that I now live by... "Persist until you persevere." Be a locomotive and don't run out of steam! There is an end to the tunnel. Good luck!!
gentak Premium
Hi Corey, thanks for following back and words of encouragement:).
I visited your CBD website and find it so interesting!.keep it up!
Best wishes :))
kingshopper Premium
Wow.. thx for checking out my site. That was awful nice of you to go out of the way to do so. I'm here if you need any insight.
JLMarker Premium
Thanks for following me and for joining my network. Good luck to you and enjoy the little ones they grow so fast
cooldad Premium
Hey Gena, thanks for the follow! Nice to meet you and welcome to WA! You sound very positive :). I followed you back :)
Mancini Premium
Hello Gena. Thanks for the follow and it's my pleasure to follow you back. I look forward to networking with you. I hope you achieve all your goals.

Best of health and continued success,
KatieMac Premium
You will learn a lot here and gain good support to help you succeed, thank you for the follow have added you back wishing you every success
GeoffGS Premium
Hello Gena. Thanks for reaching out. Best of wishes to you. Geoff
Lemark Premium
Dear Gena, thank you very much for the follow. I wish you all the best here at WA, with your on-line business and with your family. Good luck!
RonAlderman Premium
Hi Gena, it is very nice to meet you. Thanks for following me. I have returned the follow. I wish you great success here at Wealthy Affiliate!
hutch78uk Premium
Thanks for the follow, Gena. Following you back :)
SamiWilliams Premium
Gena, Thank you for adding me to your network. I know you will find this to be what you are searching for to build your business/!
justeileen Premium
Hi Gena,

I am so glad you have found Wealthy Affiliate. This is really going to be helpful for you. As you have seen, the training and tools are Excellent and the Community is Fantastic and truly wants to help you to accomplish your goals. Wealthy Affiliate is a 100% legitimate resource.

Continue to go through the training step-by-step, don't feel bad about going through a training more than once and when you have questions .. ASK ... there is 24/7 help. Also, stay connected to the community.

Stay focused on Wealthy Affiliate. I know I have to pull myself away from always taking a peek at "Shiny Objects," as they are called. They always disappoint and simply waste my learning, growing and earning through my work her at WA. Follow your passion and interests. You have A LOT to offer the online world. I know you will build something great!

I want to thank you for following me. It is an honor.

* PLEASE feel free to contact me by Private Message at any time. I am always eager to help and if you ever get frustrated and want to vent .... I'm a good listener! :)

I truly wish you and your family Many Blessings, Much Happiness and may your online ventures bring you Success!

Your friend on this wonderful journey,

Rodwell Premium
Hi Gena, and thank you for following me. I wish you every success in achieving your online goals - and adding to the cash flow.
Have a great 2016, take care and all the very best,
Brookline Premium
Hello and thank you for the follow compliment is returned ,,,, hope you can find the time to profit from the training here at WA after the demands of family are complete.
There are lots of helpful souls around to assist you with any items as you progress with your training... Don't hesitate to ask
Wishing you every success in all your endeavours in 2016
Best Regards David.
kmer6 Premium
Good morning to you Gena my name is Ken and I welcome you to WA and thank you for the follow. I also joined WA to learn the "right way" of marketing online. You see, I am a self-taught marketer because I wanted and needed the extra income online marketing would accomplish. I was burned a few times as well but my desire for Internet income never wavered. When I read Robert Allen's book, "Multiple Streams of Internet Income", I decided then and there that was what I wanted.
You can accomplish what I have started too. I would suggest first start with the certificate lessons [top-left green box] Get Started Here. This will give you the foundation to start building your online platform, regardless what that may be.
I look forward to working with you and wish you much success in creating your dream1
grampamike Premium
Hi, glad to meet me, lol.

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for following me.

I’m pretty impressed with WA training and I think we have found a gold mine of information. Hmmm, seems like geniuses like us tend to gather in the same place (lol).

I started making money online in 2004. WA wasn't around back then. I had to learn from scratch. What took me 2 years to accomplish online, you will be able to do in a couple of months if you are new to running an online business.

The wealth of knowledge here in the tutorials and the help from fellow WA members is exceptional. I have never met a bunch of like-minded people who are so eager to help yet ask nothing in return.

When I came to WA in February 2015, I was skeptical. Seen enough online scams in my time. I searched high and low for "the catch." There was none. I learned WA is legitimate. There is no pressure to upsell me more products or services. That was refreshing.

Anyway Gena, here’s wishing you all my best for your success with online marketing.

Please feel free to send me a private message if there is anything I can do for you.

You can send me a private message if you have questions by going to my profile and clicking on the private message button; https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/grampamike

You may also want to check out my WA profile blog posts as there is some interesting and informative information there.

Here is a sample of what you will find; Here’s a little inspiration: Update: I wanted to mention that all my recent posts on my website get ranked in the top 5 for my keyword or keyword phrase. So study the tutorials here at WA. They hold the clues for getting top ranking for your web pages.

Need some pictures for your website? Check out my post.
petervcrisp Premium
There is a famous quote from Mark Twain:

"If it's your job to eat a frog, it's best to do it first thing in the morning. And If it's your job to eat two frogs, it's best to eat the biggest one first."

And that just means - do your hardest task first or at least as soon as you can in the morning. If you do this then the rest of your day is easy from there!


Hello, thanks for the follow and welcome to WA. You are definitely in the right place!

People have plenty to share and there is plenty to learn also so take your time and enjoy the experience.

I have many interesting posts on my site and some you might really like, many people do, I have over a 1000 positive comments, so take a look and get some ideas as to what you can do with your site.

Let me know if I can help you in any way

Cheers Peter :)
P.S You might like this one:
HPearson Premium
Hi Gina, it's very nice to meet you, thanks for following. Much success!
namhlac Premium
Thanks for following and I wish you much success :)
krazykat Premium
Hello Gena:-)
Thank you for returning my follow.
I wish you you all the best with your WA journey!
Johniem Premium
Hi Gena,
I wanted to stop by and thank you for following me, I am now in your net work as well. I understand the wanting to make extra money, but being strapped down to home thing. I never wanted to have kids mostly because of my health and I don't but I care for my Mother who is wheelchair bound and suffers with dementia and can't be left alone.
But you will find WA to be an incredible source of help. I have no idea as what your nitche is, but if you don't have one I highly recomend going Premium Membership, work your way through affiliate bootcamp
gentak Premium
Thanks for the message Johniem,...your mom is so lucky to have you!
cheers!..all the best to us!!!
Mikey72 Premium
Thanks for Following. I hope you have Great Success with your Time spent here on WA, and I wish you Success in achieving all of your Goals!
lillakiara Premium
Hi, welcome to WA and thanks for the follow. Wishing you great success, Kristina
LindaSMcRae Premium
Hi, thank you for following me! Hope you are enjoying your training and getting your website going. I wish you all the best with your online business! This is the best community I have ever found, I love it here! If I can help in any way, please don't hesitate to contact me!
With Kind Regards,
Mike1942 Premium
Hello Gena, thanks for your Follow!
Loes Premium
Hello Gena, Welcome!
Nice to meet you, I wish you a lot of learning pleasure and fun on WA. Thank you for following me.

From the start I have written trainings for every issue I had problems with myself. You can find them on my profile on the right (click on my picture).I also made a checklist to go through before you publish a post. I hope to help you with those.

Success building your business. See you around, Greetings Loes
gentak Premium
Thank you as well Loes...I'm enjoying WA's community a lot..I've read some of your trainings too...You're a big help to us here!.
Looking forward to see more of your trainings...Best wishes.
Loes Premium
Thanks Gena, have a great friday!
LaurenceW Premium
Hi Gena,
Thanks for the follow.
I had that same feeling around a year ago, though with kids, car and mortgage, I'm not going as fast as I'd like. However, I still get excited knowing I'm part of WA and with desire/tenacity I/we can all reach our goals :)

Best ever wishes
chengckalex Premium
Thank you for your acceptance and following back. Let's share and collaborate toward our success in this friendly and helpful community.
boomergp08 Premium
Thank you Gena for the follow and many blessings to you here at WA. If you have the time or wish to, please check out my training (Bottom Right Blue Button) on my profile page. I explain ways to help you build a better website, ways to make some extra $$$ with your WA training, and best practices here at WA. I also post a humorous blog every Sunday. Enjoy!
GuyfromNB Premium
Hi gentak and thanks for the following
GuyfromNB Premium
Hi gentak... Welcome to WA
Labman Premium
Hi and welcome to WA, Thanks for following me back.
divadejunk Premium
Welcome to WA. Congratulations on upgrading to Premium. You made a wise investment in your successful online business. Success does begin with following the courses and lessons here at WA. I wish you all the best.
RobVallair Premium
Congratulations on your decision to become a premium member!

You've made an awesome choice to receive the best internet affiliate marketing training and endless support from some of the best internet marketing minds in the business.

Wish you much success and all the best in your journey here at Wealthy Affiliate!

Rob Vallair
SridharRay Premium
Welcome to WA being premium. You can learn and ask for support. All the best to you!
Marcus WFHW Premium
That's an awesome introduction, Genalyn, and I'd like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the WA community.

In my experience Wealthy Affiliate is the greatest place to learn how to generate a consistent income online so I'm really pleased that you have joined us here.

My advice is to take your time with the training and then take action on what you learn. If you do get stuck then don't be afraid to ask for help...no matter how trivial the question. This awesome community is BIG on helping its members :-)

Wishing you all the best, Genalyn!

Marcus WFHW Premium
Hey Genalyn!

How are things going thus far? I just thought I would drop you a quick line and see how things are going! I hope everything is going well so far and you are enjoying your time within the Wealthy Affiliate community!

I'm sure you are busy following the training and building your online business, but get in touch with me if there is anything I can help you out with. Tons of support within the community if you are ever "stuck". :)


Marcus WFHW Premium
Hey Genalyn!

It’s Marcus here from Work From Home Watchdog.

First off, congrats on making the decision to join me at Wealthy Affiliate. It’s here that you are going to learn the best way to earn a legitimate income online.

This is that place that I have called home since 2006 and it is the only program that has helped me go "full time" within the online world. I have every confidence in what you are going to learn here and the community support that is offered to you. You will be more than capable of doing the same as me.

Let me help you get started by giving you the link to your 10 lesson training program on making money online. It’s here that you will get to learn how Wealthy Affiliate will help and you will also get to meet Kyle & Carson, the co-owners of Wealthy Affiliate.

This course has helped me and 10,000’s of others get started online, and I know it can do the same for you. Here’s the link: Take your time and work your way through the lessons. Most importantly, take action on the “tasks” and what you learn. In doing so you will give yourself the best possible chance of generating an online income ASAP.

Everything you need to do that is right here at WA, so I hope you take full advantage!

Get your hands on my “Take It To The Premium Level” Bonus!
If you like what you see here at WA and upgrade to the Premium Membership within the next 7 days then I am going to give you some exclusive and awesome bonuses:

#1) Your first month as a Premium member at just $19 ( 57% discount on the usual price of $47)

#2) Exclusive Access to the Diamond Traffic bonus, a system that will show you exactly how to get unlimited traffic (for free) online. It is the system that I have used to build out many of my websites.

#3) Affiliate Program Bonanza bonus. If you know which affiliate programs are hot online and where to find high paying ones, you can earn a ton of money. Plain and simple. This bonus is an hour long video walking you through the top techniques for uncovering these lucrative affiliate programs.

#4) Personal support and help from me to assist you with your campaigns at Wealthy Affiliate, whenever you need it.

These bonuses are ONLY available if you upgrade to the Premium membership within your first 7 days. Please keep an eye on the countdown clock at the top of your WA dashboard if you want to take advantage of this Work From Home Watchdog exclusive offer.

That is all for now, Genalyn, and once again I would like to welcome you to this amazing work from home community. Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions (at anytime) and I will be more than happy to help!

All the best for now :-)

Owner & Founder of Work From Home Watchdog

PS - Please don't be afraid to ask questions, no matter how simple you think they might seem. I felt that way when I first joined and it maybe prevented me from getting up and running quicker than I did. I am here to help with ANYTHING so just ask away :-)