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Hello everyone! I am a disabled ex-school teacher and am on disability for my earnings. I need more to be able to have a life that





What happens when people sign up but dont do anything?

What happens when people sign up but dont do anything?

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WA Affiliate Program

What happens when people sign up for WA but dont do anything with their account? Do you still get paid? Or does WA take the commission back? I am just curious. I had 3 people s

Very interesting question. Like the answers

Great answers to a great question

All great comments and concerns for the payment if they don’t do nothing.


Hi - you get $1 if they complete their profile, but you don't receive this payment unless you have 20 referrals and at least one of them upgrades to premium.

You should be encouraging them by leaving messages on their profile page, offering to help, and asking if there is a problem. Don't forget, that when people sign up using your link, that you are their personal coach. If they don't hear from you, they may think this platform doesn't live up to its promises.

Nothing happens unless they complete the profile. However, if you have a way to contact them (such as, if they are a friend) you might reach out and see why they have not moved forward on the free part, at least. They may have meant to come back and completely forgotten to do so. It happens.

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