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Last Update: Sep 13, 2020

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Hello everyone at WA!

I have a question and a joy to share. I got a notice that my website was indexed by Google. I have never had a whole website indexed. I have had blogs indexed but my whole website got indexed. Is this unusual? I am just curious because it has never happened to me before. Thank you for your answers in advanced :)

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Hi Gena, congratulations and no it is not unusual.


Cassi has you covered.
It means that your domain name or .com has been recognized by Google.

Great job, my friend!👏👏

Thank you, Barbara.

You're welcome, Gena!

I have noticed it's so common to get a website indexed here, so I didn't even get excited when mine got indexed. Wonder if it has to do with WA hosting, or something related to WA.

That is great, you started on the right track. Keep up the good work.


I cancel memberbership but bank accpoint sayats I am still being chargered $47

Is best if you send in a support ticket and you will be fine. All the best.

No, Gena, it is not unusual.
It manes that Google has found your "home" on the internet and it will make indexing your article much easier.

Congratulations and keep writing!

Thank you, Cassi. I appreciate your reply. :)

You are welcome, Gena.

Yes it happens. It was my whole website that first got indexed before three of my posts got indexed. I had thought that was the routine. Now I know. Congratulations. It means your posts are all relevant and recognised. It also means that your whole website can be found on Google search not just your keywords.

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